WIT Releases Two New International Journals in 2017 and One in 2018

Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) in Ashurst Lodge, New Forest National Park in central southern England, will be releasing two more International journals in 2017, and one International Journal in 2018. The two journals that will be released in 2017 include: “Transport Development and Integration” and “Heritage Architecture.” “Environmental Impacts” will be released in 2018. Currently, WIT has five published International Journals.


“Transport Development and Integration” (2017) is an International Journal that focuses on transportation and transport systems on integration and laws, jurisdictions, and standards in internal markets (harmonisation). Wessex Institute of Technology is currently seeking original, scholarly articles for publication (Call For Papers).


The International Journal of “Heritage Architecture” (2017) is a series of topics related to repairs and maintenance of historical structures, such as museums, in its environment (built cultural heritage). Studies will include brick, metal, plaster and stone in built cultural heritage relating to historical structures. WIT is also currently seeking “Call For Paper” for this journal.


“Environmental Impacts” (2018) is an International forum on environmental issues in society focusing on economic, scientific, and social issues that impact the environment. Again, Wessex Institute of Technology is currently seeking Call For Papers of original, scholarly articles for publication.

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