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Brazil’s investment has recently undergone a series of problems which include political scandals, business recession, and high inflation. As a result, many investors have opted to shift their capital elsewhere. Some of the best performing investment managers in Brazil include ARX Investimentos, J. Safra Asset Management, Western Asset Management Company, Bradesco Asset Management, BB Gestao de Recursos, and Patria Investimentos among many others.
The inflation rate is running at 8.47% which is above the Central Bank’s projection of 4.5%. This has prompted investors to move to local products such as real estate and agribusiness credit bills, which are offered by commercial banks. It is due to this that banks are now ranked second on the top Brazil Asset Managers.
Corruption and weak commodity prices have seen investors go where they feel secure. According to a survey, wealthy investors have around 30% of their assets elsewhere, which is double compared to that in some years back. Due to the economic problems experienced, banks and other investment managers have changed their approach for them to remain in the market. The public offerings have also reduced and resulted in Brazil’s companies becoming cheaper.
Cassio Ellias Audi is an investment manager who was born in 1942. Cassio has been involved in significant companies operations in Brazil. They include; Rossi Residencial SA, Gillette Do Brasil, and Brascan real Estate Partners LLC. Cassio has a lot of experience in the investment sector in Brazil and has a broad range of relationships with investment professionals. Notable professionals he has worked with include Leonardo Diniz, the current CEO at Rossi Residencial SA, Renato Gamba Rocha Diniz, Adriana Godinho, Rodrigo Ferreira Medeiros da Silva among others.
Cassio attended Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo from 1989 to 1994, where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree. He furthered his studies in Universidade de São Paulo from 1999 to 2000, where he graduated with an MBA. Cassio started working as an investment analyst at JPMorgan Chase and Company. He later went to Brascan Real Estate Partners LLC, where he worked as the chief financial officer. Cassio then went to work at Gillette Do Brasil as a chief financial officer before proceeding to Rossi Residencial SA as the chief financial officer.

A few years ago entrepreneur Chris Burch ventured in the hospitality industry. Together with James McBride he bought a beach hostel in Indonesia which they renovated and turned into a five-star resort. By 2016, the Nihiwatu Resort was voted as the best hotel worldwide. In a previous interview, Burch admitted that he bought the resort for his children with the hopes that they would use it to give back to the society.

Nihiwatu has a total of 27 private villas which includes Burch’s private home. The name Nihiwatu loosely translates to mortar stone as the beach gets its name from the formation of a rock on the tide, click on The remote Indonesian island is on the West coast of Sumba. After developing the land, the resort has become the largest employer on the island with part of the profits donated to the Sumba Foundation. The Sumba Foundation is an organization that helps the local community by funding projects.

The private home of Chris is made available to guests. It comes with the main house and four other villas. The view of the plunge pool of the hotel is across the Indian Ocean and the Nihi Beach. The resort has two tree houses that are two stories each. In the main tree house, there is a private pool and a living area. Each villa has a balcony, a bedroom, and a bathroom. The villas interior decor features local wood,sumbanese antiques, and Ikat prints.There is a spa, a wellness center, horseback riding and a surfing center.Visitors can book trips to waterfalls through the resort where they can trek and swim.Guests that want to learn how to surf can visit the Coconut Grove Bay.  Additionl Article on

Christopher Burch is an entrepreneur and founder of the Burch Creative Capital. He has played a crucial role in various sectors for almost forty years. Chris has invested in fashion, technology, real estate and recently the hospitality industry. His success story dates back to 1976 while he was still a student at Ithaca College. He united with his sibling to build the Eagle’s Eye apparel. The business expanded to $165 million which was later bought by the Swire Group, check this on

He became one of the first investors in Internet Capital Group after the sale of Eagle’s Eye. This was just the beginning of his successful investments. His experience and ability to find a link between implementation and innovation have made the family man a success. Beside being a businessman, he is also involved in various charity organizations.  Hop over to this useful link.

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For those with equities and still seeking for the great arrangement from Equities First; you begin by offering your shares as security. Your loan is charged 3 to 4% every year and paid within 3 years. After the period, you can prompt to pay them back and your whole shares will be taken back to your record. To many individuals, that sounds cheap with even the product portraying cheaper loan fees. The non-recourse feature also portrays the uniqueness of the company whereby other borrowers choose to keep the cash as the firm retains your shares without any further obligation. So you don’t mind of the value, regardless of whether it acknowledges or not. In the event that it goes up, you receive the rewards without further charges. Equities First website even uncovers to you as this is a remarkable way to get you away from the risk of holding the stock! Another awesome thing is that your principle interests are not affected.

At first, the money you acquire is put on an estimation period of three days of the share value. It is for your benefit when the share cost goes up during the period. However at a subliminal level, you are asked to massage your PR with the aim of pushing the cost remembering the objective of getting the best pay-out. However, there are concurrences with the courses of action. If the value of the stock drops under 80% of the acquired amount, the loan is named defaulted. However, at Equities First there is nothing to get afraid as the lender does not hold you by the neck as it happens with traditional lenders. In case that happens, the company specialists communicates to you on the guidelines of ending the package or not. Equities First is thus the spearheading provider of alternative lending services in today’s economic crisis. for more .

Don Ressler, one of the pioneers in a new marketing strategy known as JustFab, is also the same name behind continuous booming start-ups, comprising Intelligent Beauty along with its subsidiaries. Intermix Media in 2001 took the honor or purchasing his very first start-up under the name of Fitness Heaven.

Don Ressler later becomes a business partner with another teenage entrepreneur who proved to be the next tycoon in sales and marketing industry by running a successful online business in teenage. Adam Goldenberg is his name, and business sector sees their partnership as one of the crucial partners that already are and very soon going to be the tycoons of the marketing industry.

Adam founded Gamers Alliance, his very first company in his teenage and that company then becomes a proof of his expertise. The company managed so properly that after three years, MySpace has bought it. When he reached 20, Goldenberg became the youngest Chief Operating Officer in American history. That was the time when Adam met Ressler, and they decided to do something new, something beneficial for the society.

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They knew that they already have what needed for launching a product that long awaited in the marketing industry and that is devotion and dedication. So, Don and Adam came up with a product that can change the marketing industry and design that in a way so they can run it autonomously. They did several gathering with another professional in the same industry and ultimately with a solution that has proved to be the booming industry within its initial few years, JustFab.

In 2010, JustFab started working in the market to change the traditional way of shopping. They tried to come up with a solution that was once affordable of the elite class only, and that was, using branded product. By launching JustFab on, they made it very easy for everyone to choose their ideal brand and product according to their needs and preferences.

And they won’t have to pay additional for such products because after becoming a member of Fabletics, one of its child products, you can get your chosen product only for US#39.50 and you don’t have to pay that amount in every transaction. That is monthly fees and by paying that you will be free for next thirty days to choose whatever you like. And when you pay that membership to JustFab, you will know that this money worth nothing, what is waiting for you on the other side.

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Kabbalah Center is an organization dedicated to offering the teachings of Kabbalah and the Zohar. Its main office is in Los Angeles in California. The center has witnessed high growth. Currently, it has more than 40 branches scattered globally. They offer their teaching both in the class as well as online.The Kabbalah teaching started in an easy way before quickly spreading to other areas. The main person concerned with the education was Rav assisted by Karen. They installed the wisdom in the cities using grassroots methods. Later the natives appreciated and started joining the movement due to the quality education that makes life worth living. As the impact of the education was instant and the followers started living in peace made the founder try to find a way to spread the news of Kabbalah.

The organizations follow their teaching in sharing that has seen them start and run many voluntary movements like the Kabbalah Center charitable movement .it gives support physically to the needy in the society. They try to solve the problems like hunger, poverty, inequality and the disasters that many make the life of the people hard to live. Among the beneficiaries are the victims of the Hurricane Katrina in 2004 and the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Moreover, they offer scholarships to the needy with the aim of ensuring that there is indiscriminative wisdom spread. They have further supported the children through their various initiatives.

Reasons for organization success are that it got built around a team of experienced and dedicated personnel. The most knowledgeable team ensures that they help the students gain more knowledge in the various courses offered. There is always a teacher willing to help a student at any location. Moreover, their teachings are verifiable or have a direct impact in changing the life. It thus attracts, even more, people.

Need help reaching your prospects and potential customers? The help of advertising specialists is absolutely essential if you want to get the best possible results with your marketing promotions or advertising campaigns. These professionals are knowledgeable about ways to reach a large audience that wants the product or service you provide.

José Henrique Borghi offers a wide variety of advertising and marketing services to help businesses and organizations succeed in their ventures. If you are on the lookout for the most reliable advertising professional in Brazil, José Henrique Borghi is a good choice for any business or advertiser who wants to attain success.

The effectiveness of your marketing or advertising improves significantly when you hire an advertising agency to handle the entire project for you. Because most business people do not have the skill to create effective ad message or implement profitable ad campaigns, they turn to advertising specialists for help. Watch Video Here .

You must keep in contact with customers and prospects and remind them about the benefits of patronizing your business.

José Henrique Borghi has numerous positive reviews from businesses, entrepreneurs and companies that have used his services. As an experienced advertising executive and successful entrepreneur, José Henrique Borghi knows what it takes to create and implement ad that generates interest and gets the audience to respond favorably.

José Henrique Borghi has a team of talented and dedicated advertising specialists at his ad agency, Mullen Lowe. This popular advertising firm is one of Brazil’s most reputable providers of high quality, effective advertising and marketing solutions.

With the services provided by José Henrique Borghi and his team, you can quickly and easily promote your business or offers to your target audience. Choose from a vast range of essential services that are designed to yield excellent outcome for their clients. for more.

When it comes to the most innovative companies in Brazil, one name that you will hear everywhere is Eucatex. Eucatex is a company that uses innovative methods and unique materials to produce their products. The company offers a wide range of products to its customers. From unique type of wood to different paints, one can find different home products with the company. While the company started out with its services exclusively to the people in the country, they now also export their products to many other countries. The company is run by Flavio Maluf presently. It is his far-sightedness and hard work that the company has managed to reach the top position in the country.


Eucatex was set up in 1951, and it was a time when most companies did not think about the environment and how their operations affect it. There were almost no regulations for industries, and they were free to operate the way they liked. Even then, Eucatex knew how its actions affected the environment and adapted environmentally friendly products and processes to minimize the effect on the environment. The company took serious steps to minimize the adverse effect of its operations to reduce the damage. During that time, most other companies in the industry thought that they would never be able to make profits doing this. But, they proved everyone wrong and earned huge profits while producing products that were safe.


The present President of the company, Flavio Maluf have taken the legacy of the company   forward. He takes active part in the big decisions of the company and personally evaluates the operations to ensure that everything is in order and in accordance with the company vision. Flavio Maluf completed his education from one of the top universities in Brazil, FAAP in Sao Paulo. Prior to Eucatex, he was also the President of GrandFood for many years.


Are you looking for more than a traditional highlighter? You can now choose from an amazing color scheme that consists of vibrant colors inspired by the Lime Crime cosmetic lineTheir creator, Doe Deere says, it is exciting to expand her bold colors choices with a cool collection of hair dyes. Best of all, the amazing dyes will not include bleach or ammonia. Your hair is safe with hypoallergenic products that won’t threaten to strip your hair of its natural luster. Get exuberant colors that will allow you to mix and match with their popular waterproof velvetine matte and super-foil cosmetics by Lime Crime.


Trying the new Unicorn collection of hair dyes will transform the way you experience color. They offer hard to find colors that are unmatched by their competitors. This is a color scheme that promises to give you semi-permanent and permanent hair dyes. Thousands of gals and guys around the world are now unapologetic about the color choices of their hair dye. Famous beauty editor, Kristina Rodulfo has called it a fantasy inspired collection. She also goes on to say, their collection is as wild and as dreamy as `one could imagine.


Customers have the option of cute colors like Bunny and Dirty Mermaid. You get a uniquely packaged container that has your hair dye readily available to use. You can hold your color scheme through an amazing 12 washes. You can also decide to use their hair dye as a tint or coverage. Their products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. You get 7 fl oz, more than enough to color your entire head. The hair dyes are set to launch soon and has become very popular among the 1.5 million Lime Crime Instagram Followers. As usual, their dyes, demand you to be bold with your colors.



How Sujit Choudhry Became A Scholar Of Comparative Constitutional Law?

For a prominent law scholar for the comparative constitutional law, Sujit Choudhry has written and also edited a plethora of works. In 2003, he traveled with his team of professionals to Sri Lanka to recommend a federalist solution for ethnic conflict to the leading party. He isn’t an ivory intellectual, but he is a public scholar with an array of public policy involvements. Choudhry began writing in the late 1990s when the changing political landscape in South Africa and Eastern Europe produced a massive but polarized study in comparative constitutional law.  More on

Choudhry secured the third position at Globalization in Search of Justification. He argues that a nation can best grip what its constitution must be by using others as a self-reflection tool. Comparative resources help us describe better what we are willing to include, and what we need to avoid. Sujit has focused on forging constitutions in societies that are ethnically divided. He brought together a huge number of political scientists and legal scholars in editing Constitutional Design for Divided Societies. He is no doubt the best scholar of comparative constitutional in his generation.  For further references about Choudhry, visit his  page.

Sujit Choudhry was born in Delhi, but then he moved to Toronto with his parents and rose over there. He said in an interview that his parents created a home for scholars that are grooming. He also added that their house was all about scholastic stimulation. The radio channel had never tuned to another channel but CBC, and we read a plethora of newspapers on a daily basis to be in touch with the international changes.

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To make their work practical, Sujit with his team of professionals spend enough time talking with their policy partners to spot issues that are vital to numerous countries, but where present knowledge is outdated, incomplete or non-existent, read related article here. And then they stay in continuous touch with their partners about their research, and produce a result for them and then made it available on the internet so that the reader can use that for his benefit. Constitutions belong to everybody and for that Sujit made it possible that constitutional information should be available on-line so everyone can benefit from it.  Learn more about Choudhry’s work, follow his blogs on

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A lot of advocacy has been done to bring about change in the standards and conditions for working women in the last century. According to the US Department of Labor’s data, one in every five women has taken part in the labor force. Presently women make up 46.9% of the available labor force but only 14.6% of them are executive officers. Susan McGalla, a businessperson, acknowledges that although there is an increased need for female labor, most women find it hard to advance in their workplaces. Susan, the founder of P3 Executive Consulting LLC, is an expert consultant on talent management, marketing, branding, operational efficiencies etc. She shared three important tactics and strategies for women yearning for success, click

Higher Education Equals Greater Opportunities

McGalla acknowledges that women compose almost half of the professional workforce in the US. However, in order for them to succeed in their male-dominated workplaces, more women have to pursue higher education especially in the current economy that is dependent on skills. Young women should be smart in their planning and get scholarships and financial aid to achieve their dreams. A high number of women than men are already enrolled in college and McGalla believes it is a good headstart for women in the ‘war for talent’.  Check

Continued Confidence

Getting higher education will increase opportunities for women. However, they should not let the surrounding environment dissuade them from pursuing their future careers. Bain & Company conducted a study and established that women’s ambition levels drop by about 60% due to management influence. Women ought to seek support by building influencer networks to inspire them to achieve their ambitions.  Important link here.

Ignoring the Glass Ceiling

McGalla’s success was due to ignoring the “glass ceiling” and giving more attention to her work ethic. Women should not carry a chip on their shoulders on their entitlement or the prejudices that exist. They should ignore all these and instead let their work speak on their behalf.

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