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The former owners of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC. are set to sue AIG insurance company for failing to represent them during negotiations with Ferry’s legal representatives, and for failing to acknowledge that they were covered during the time the claim was brought against them. The lawsuit lists breach of contract, and is aimed at AIG’s failure to acknowledge that they were covered for wrongful termination and workplace torts.

According to the former owners of the Hawks, it was strongly believed they were covered by the insurance company, but AIG refused to represent them as described in their policy. According to papers submitted to the court, “Despite an obligation to pay and acknowledgement that certain of Mr. Ferry’s claims triggered the AIG Policy, as well as the fact that these claims clearly fell within the policy coverage, AIG has failed and refused to pay the covered loss without significant justification in bad faith.”

Bruce Levenson – Former Co-Owner – Atlanta Hawks

Bruce Levenson is the former co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks basketball team. Levenson is also a philanthropist and spends a great deal of his time working with various charities to improve their financial income, and in an effort to help them reach a larger population. Levenson received his law degree from American University.

Bruce Levenson is the co-founder of the United Communications Group and publishes a newsletter informing the public about different developments in the oil industry. See his full bio on

Do you need a loan? It happens now and then when things do not quite go right, and a loan is needed to get your small business back on track. It happens, and that’s the way it is. Maybe it’s a because of a loss due to the weather — it happens. Now you remember that you own a lot of stocks — equities, and you had heard about equity loans.

If you go to a conventional lender, you will find that they will lend up to 40% of the value of the stocks that you own. They will do that at a high interest rate. Plus, they will want to see a business proposal for the funding, and will want to know exactly what the funds are for. Banks and institutional lenders are regulated by the government. Certain equities can not be collateral for loans. And it will take some time to fund the loan, if you qualify for it.

If you had gone to Equities First South Africa, you would have had your loan in short order. They do not demand a business proposal. It is up to you what you are going to do with your money, not the bank. Their interest rate if far lower than the bank or conventional lender, and they can lend up to 80% of the value of the equities. You will get your funding much more quickly, also. Visit

Maybe that is why they call themselves Equities First South Africa. We should see Equities First, first!

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Securus Technologies, a top supplier of technology solutions to U.S. correctional facilities, announced a new promotion to recommend the advantages of remote video visitation in prisons across the US. Securus’ video visitation service was highlighted in commercials indicating the importance of video visitation. Securus Chairman and CEO, Rick Smith, lauded the new technology adding that much more video visits with inmates were completed as opposed to the traditional road trips to correctional facilities made by loved ones to visit prisoners.


Rick also noted the value of secure video conferencing with reliable technology. He pointed out that Securus had connected families on Christmas morning as well as parents with their children as they supervised home assignments. These beautiful moments last a lifetime and reveal the essence of the company’s remote video visitation. He added that connecting inmates yearning to communicate with their loved ones means the world to them.


Securus has no problem with how correctional facilities conduct onsite visitation. It also does not demand that facilities change their existing on-site visitation procedures. However, many people prefer remote visitation because it is more convenient than traveling physically to incarceration facilities. Video visitation does not use Skype or video chat because it entails intricate automation, registration, scheduling, scaling and other security features. Jail administrators have safety measures that must be met every single day, for years.


Securus’ Video Visitation allows clients to connect with their imprisoned loved ones in modern ways not witnessed in the past. The video technology increases the available options for visitation with inmates and their family.


About Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies launched its operations in Dallas, Texas, where it’s currently based. It serves corrections, law enforcement, security, and public safety agencies across North America. Securus Technologies is dedicated to connecting its clients by providing communication, emergency response, biometric analysis, information management, monitoring devices, and other services to create safer environments.


The fashion and technology industries have been two of the most robust and successful industries over the past decade. While these two industries have historically operated on a standalone basis, the industries are continuing to merge together through the use of wearable technology. Some of the most common forms of wearable technology today include smart watches and a variety of wearable fitness products. While these products have been very successful, there are several new products coming online in the next few years that are sure to be just as popular with users.


One of the most anticipated products that will be entering the marketplace in the next few years is a smart necklace, which will be used by those that either ride a bike or motorcycle. Bike and motorcycle riders have been wearing helmets to protect their heads for decades. While this has helped to save countless lives, there still has not been a product released that will protect the neck. The new smart necklace could be just as popular in coming years as it will act like an airbag that will stabilize the neck during any collision.


Those that work as either firefighters or first responders will also benefit from wearable technology. A new product that is coming online in the next year is a smart fire glove. This glove, which will have the same physical protective benefits, will also be able to act as a smart device by providing valuable information to firefighters. Prior to entering a building on fire, the user will be able gain access about the fire including temperature, areas of concern, and information about smoke. Further, the glove will have a built-in GPS, which will allow team members to find each other.


One of the largest investors in wearable technology has been Chris Burch. Chris Burch is best known for being the founder and CEO of Tory Burch, a popular line of fashion products and accessories. Burch has also founded Burch Creative Capital, which is a company that invests in small businesses that are developing smart and wearable technology. Burch has already seen several of his investments come to fruition and will likely see many more hit the marketplace in the coming years.

16 years ago, Josh Verne set the stage for Home Line Furniture to open more stores across the United States. He oversaw the firm’s evolution from a furniture store to a distributor of wholesale products. Since he joined Home Line in 1995, more customers accessed retailing stores that sold the firm’s furniture. In 2011, Josh switched to internet business by setting up and sold it in 2015. He stated in 2015 and currently heads it as the chief executive officer.


Josh Verne has a cumulative experience of 20 years in entrepreneurship and leadership. As an e-commerce operator, he helped people to purchase brand products with direct payment of payroll deductions. Flocku is a student based platform that offers various entertainment news and allows students to share opinions. Josh promises to provide hilarious, new, and smart education on topics ranging from sports to exams. He partners with suitable brands to manage the firm’s peer to peer marketing strategy.


Josh has achieved to stay afloat for almost two decades by staying out of his way. In a podcast he did in 2016, he emphasizes the fundamental values one should adapt to manifest success. According to the entrepreneur, releasing one’s real passion is the first key to starting a business. As a CEO, Josh advises other leaders to avoid bossiness at work. He encourages them always to find a way to create a win-win situation in business dealings and staff management. Lastly, Josh believes that a respectable leader speaks less and listens more to generate authority and power at the workplace.


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There is one name to call upon when it comes to political advisory services: and that is Andrea McWilliams. Andrea McWilliams is a very well-recognized businesswoman, within the Austin community. McWilliams’s level of business achievement, remains unsurpassed. Andrea McWilliams has earned many awards, over the years, from the most distinguished organizations, within the Austin business community. The awards and Andrea’s overall likability and leadership qualities, as a business consultant, serves her well.

She has received awards from the Austin Chamber of Commerce, the local Girl Scout’s organization and more–all recognizing her performance as a leader of business.

In her role, as political advisor, she observes the political climate and provides advice to some of the most influential of political organizations. She provides lobbying activity, on behalf of her client. She strategizes the best way to approach certain political matters. It is Andrea’s thoughtfulness, and her savvy business and political approach, which provides her and her client-base with successful outcomes.

The community of Austin cannot provide the successful McWilliams with enough lavish praise. She is, also, well-regarded within the national media. One of the media moguls that have reported on Andrea’s fundraising and political activities is FOX News. Other eminent news reporting agencies have reported McWilliams’s political pursuits, too. In example, ‘The Wall Street Journal’ as well as ‘Newsweek’ reported on Andrea McWilliams.

McWilliams is not afraid to hang her political shingle out in order to attain an influential client-base. It is Andrea McWilliams’s savvy political approach that gets her quite noticed.


AXA advisors, a French multinational insurance firm, was originally founded in 1816 as Mutuelle de L’assurance contre L’incendie (the Ancienne Mutuelle). Since that time, AXA, has acquired several different insurance companies, which has added to its offerings. Among these companies were Compagnie Parisienne de Garantie, the Drouot Group, The Equitable, and Sun Life & Provincial Holdings. The name AXA was chosen for the company, because it can be easily pronounced by people who speak any language, which is helpful as AXA is an international company. While AXA’s main headquarters are in Paris, France, it has locations in the UK, United States, Canada, the Isle of Man, the Middle East, Mexico, Asia Pacific, and more. AXA has many philanthropic endeavors, and one of them is to help prevent the risks that threaten society, human life, and the environment. In this vein in 2008, AXA created the AXA Research Fund, which is endowed with €100 million.

Vinny Parascandola, the Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors, carries 25 of experience in the insurance industry and is in charge of recruiting, retention, management development, productivity, developing experienced financial professionals, and sales. Vinny is a strong leader who has carried an industry securities registration for 17 years, and he has earned a variety of management awards including, Master Agency and GAMA’s Career Development awards. He gives talks at many different industry and company conferences, and is very highly sought-after for his speaking skills.

Vinny Parascandola started out his career in 1987 as an agent for Prudential where he was named National Rookie of the Year. After prudential, in 1990, he took on the role of a variety of regional and local field management positions at MONY Life Insurance Company. Before becoming the Senior Vice President of AXA, Vinny was the co-manager of the New York Metro branch and president of the Advantage Group, which is a unit of AXA Equitable. His leadership skills, honest demeanor, and the care and attention he spends on any individual he comes into contact with has made Vinny a great choice for AXA.

Parascandola received his Bachelor’s degree of Science from Pace University, New York and he still calls New York his home to this day.


Jose Borghi is an advertising agent that has been working in the Brazilian advertising industry for many years. After studying the market and realizing that there was a gap, he quit working and started a company by the name of BorghiErh, in conjunction with Erh Ray. He is still an advertising agent and is also a co-CEO of the company known as Mullen Lowe Brasil. He recently made a speech about the changing role of the Smartphones to the consumers.

He noted that the consumer market keeps changing as the technology changes. For instance, there are many companies that have emerged and are offering services that are connected to the presence and the use of Smartphone technology. Companies like Uber and AirBnB have entered the economy making the use of the phones even more central to the economy. For instance, to book a ride with Uber, you need to have a working phone. AirBnB allows people that have cheaper and approved accommodation to accommodate others within their premises at a subsidized fee.

The reason many people are turning more and more to their devices for all their E-commerce needs is that it offers them low prices and also gives them access to more products without any movement on their part. The potential that E-commerce holds in the country is made even bigger by the fact that Smartphones have become really popular and there is a variety of cheap ones in the market. Jose also noted that the transport and accommodation sectors are using phones more than they used to. He states that people prefer using their gadgets to book accommodation when traveling and also use the internet to purchase their mobile phones. He also stated that more than 30 percent of the clothes sales being made in the country are through the gadgets.

He recommends measures to be put in place to tap this potential to the fullest. for more.

It is important to have a secret weapon that can help you achieve what you want. A good example is Apple. Apple Company purchased Beats by Dre and hired Drake to perform radio show, and that is what made the company win big in the music streaming business outside the iTunes store. While a lot of people thought that Jay-Z would use Beyoncé to achieve the success of Tidal that is not the case. Since she is working with Sony, she cannot make a lot to the company. There are also those who thought Prince was the secret weapon to the business, but that was not to be.


Jay-Z used someone who people least expected, and it is Desiree Perez. His decision worked to the advantage of Tidal because of the experience she has. She is a talented entrepreneur with years of experience in business, and that is why she will take Tidal by storm. Despite the many artists out there, they are not able to make Tidal to the top of the game, but Perez is the right person for the position. Tidal will come out quickly and will be competitive following the new head. She is an asset, and the company will have to benefit a lot from her great experience.

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The music streaming industry needs the resilience like that of Perez, and she is quickly bringing her influence to the company. Though many expected Tidal to dwindle because of the leadership that was not stable, now things have changed. Perez is set to alter the direction of the company from the wrong direction to the right. Among the things she has done is to change what all are talking about making the company rise. Tidal maintains the quality of the music and the sound to cater for the growing needs from of the fans.  Check this on


Though still has a long way to go, it is now taking the right direction. If Jay-Z continues working with Desiree, he will succeed in the music streaming industry. She can offer the best advice that Tidal needs to be the best. Already there are millions of people signing up, and the number is increasing day by day.

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Singer songwriter and former international news correspondent Doug Levitt has just published a memoir of his experiences traveling across the United States on Greyhound buses to better understand the plight of average Americans. Inspired by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) writers and social scientists who documented social problems during the Great Depression, Levitt sought to shed light on these personal struggles that so often go unnoticed.


Levitt’s project is called “Greyhound Diaries,” and will include an album as well as a series of web videos. Levitt, a graduate of Cornell University, earned a master’s degree in International Relations before embarking on a career in foreign journalism. Although he loved traveling, journalism just didn’t fulfill Levitt as an artist, and he returned to the United States, becoming a session musician in Nashville.


Music is the common thread of Greyhound Diaries, who connected with countless people from all walks of life over his twelve years of travel. It was his friendship with roots music producer David Henry that led to the Greyhound Diaries project. Through music, Levitt seeks to foster mutual understanding among people who often struggle to understand or even acknowledge one another.


The Greyhound Diaries is a work in the tradition of journalists such as Studs Turkel, but with a musical soul. Levitt aims to break down the artificial barriers that in some cases make whole segments of the population virtually invisible. Doug Levitt hopes that he can use music to create the same positive impact that music has had on his life.


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