Wengie Makes You Think Twice Before You Spend Your Money

When it is time to go back to school, people really need to think twice before they start spending a ton of money. It is so easy to hop up with a school supply list and start buying things for the beginning of the school year. This happens because things are usually on sale around this time of year. People like to assume that they can get things cheap at the beginning of the school year so they just go out and spend money on supplies. Wengie is great for people that like to save money because she makes people see that there is another way.


With her DIY life hacks she helps people find creative ways to save a little money. She has a lot of tricks for jazzing up pencils and making two-tone highlighters in her DIY hack videos for school supplies. She shows that she is something that thinks outside of the box. Many people may have never thought of a two-tone highlighter, but Wengie made this a reality.


She has also made some other cool things like a feather pen in this video. Wengie has the ability to give people a chance to do a lot of different things that can make their pencils and highlighters stand out from everyone else. She also talks about cool 2-in-1 hacks like the eraser with a USB flash drive on the inside. This is something that people can do if they want to make their flash drives somewhat decorative. Some of the things that Wengie says may seem rather obvious. There are others things, however, that appear to be unique ideas all of her own.


The thing that people like the most about the Wengie videos is that she is creative. She has shown subscribers of her channel how to make the pencil sharpener that actually looks like a small cup of Starbucks coffee. These are all cute hacks that can make any girl the envy of her friends. Anyone that wants to show off cool school suppliers without breaking the bank should definitely see how Wengie does things.

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