The Top 4 Best Things About Fabletics According To Happy Customers

Kate Hudson’s athletics apparel brand Fabletics has been bringing cute and comfortable workout and athleisure gear to millions of happy customers for almost four years. Fabletics subscribers eagerly await each month’s delivery of their brand new handpicked outfit to arrive in the mail. For just $49.95 a month, you too can become a Fabletics subscriber. Here are the top 4 best things about Fabletics according to customer reviews.


  1. Style On Point


Customers like A Foodie Stays Fit love the cute styles that are available. When you log on to Fabletic’s website, you can pick from a variety of athletic apparel items that come in a wide range of styles, colors and fabrics. Kate Hudson’s high standards for style ensure that each piece is perfectly on trend. Many items are super versatile too, allowing customers to wear a workout apparel item from an early morning gym session all the way to the club after hours.


  1. Fabulous Fit


Customers who have left reviews on Trust Pilot rave about the fit of Fabletics clothes. That’s because Kate Hudson’s fashion brand uses high-tech fabrics that conform to your unique body type.


Another thing that makes Fabletics so great, according to customers, is the wide range of shapes in sizes that Fabletics offers. Many athletic apparel brands aren’t so accommodating when it comes to women who don’t fit into sample sizes, but Fabletics was created with a diverse group of women in mind.


  1. Convenient Shopping


Fabletics follows the subscription service model. Customers can log on to the company’s website, fill out a questionnaire about their personal style preferences and receive a new outfit each month based on their preferences for a fixed price. This innovative way to shop is extremely convenient, and customers like Krazy Coupon Ladylove the minimal effort they have to put into getting a fabulous new workout outfit.


  1. Amazing Value


When it comes to Fabletics reviews, almost every customer unanimously agrees that the best thing about the brand is the value. For $49.95 each month, you get a high-quality outfit built to last. Fabletics apparel items can withstand even the most intense workouts and the colors and prints don’t fade in the wash. Other athletic apparel brands tend to charge at least twice as much for a complete outfit.




If you’re a workout fanatic and you haven’t checked out Fabletics yet, it’s time to go to the brand’s website and discover the amazing deals waiting for you.

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