PR Newswire is a newsletter investment industry that is the fastest growing industry. At the moment it has 60,000 subscribers.Paul Mampilly, the former hedge fund manager had worked for a20 years on Wall Street for various clients such as Deutsche Bank and many others. Mampilly has won an investment competition that was organized and put up by Templeton Foundation and therefore turned an investment worth $50 million into $88 million for the sake of a 76% gain.This was during the time of financial crisis without shorting the available stocks.

Paul has succeeded in guiding the Main Street Americans into investment opportunities that are more profitable by signing on to Banyan Hill- a publishing house that is independent and is also a research firm that only specializes in the publishing of research advisories and investment newsletters. Banyan Hill is headquartered in Delray Beach.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is a very experienced businessman as he has had up to 25 years of investment experience. He is very efficient in maintaining every job that deals with finance. Paul has studies Biotech and health care. He is also an analyst and a manager for the major international banks such as Bankers Trust and many more.

Paul has been a member of a team that has managed $23 billion-a mutual fund and a $6 billion- a hedge fund that has been the best hedge funds worldwide in the year 2008.

Paul has a huge list of clients that include the well-known European aristocracy, the private banks of Swiss including the giant banks such as the Royal Bank which is situated in Scotland.Paul is a very famous man as he has been featured on CNBC, the Fox Business News and lastly the Bloomberg TV. Paul is at the moment using his skills and experience as a previous Wall Street insider to lead his subscribers that are more than 60,000 into stocks that are geared up to rise even higher.

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