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Chris Burch is an entrepreneur and businessman who is known for the bold ventures that he undertakes. He has been running businesses since the start of his career, and business is one of the things that has contributed to the high professional status that he possesses today. To take his entrepreneurial ventures to the next level, he founded Burch Creative Capital. Today, Burch Creative Capital is doing extremely well in the business sector, with Chris Burch at the position of CEO of the company. Chris Burch has worked for numerous companies and has collaborated with numerous entrepreneurs from all around the world during his professional career. He has an incredibly good eye for the details of every business transaction and ventures that he undertakes, which is why he has become so established in the field. He has built his company right from its infancy, putting all his effort to bring it up to the position it is in today.

Chris Burch has diversified his business into numerous different fields, which has made him a real venture capitalist in every sense. Be it fashion, lifestyle or hospitality; he has worked with a company in almost every sector that one can think of. His collaborations are one of the reasons why Chris Burch has managed to rake up so much success over the years. In 2012, Chris Burch partnered up with Philippe Starck and Alan Faena to open up one of the world’s finest luxury hotels. The beautiful property was called the Nihiwatu and was located on a private island that Chris Burch owned in Indonesia, More of this on In 2014, Chris Burch announced his collaboration with Emmy Award-winning talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres to launch her brand of clothing, going by the name of ED.  Check

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Chris Burch is someone who believes in taking risks for his business. This is one of the main reasons why Chris Burch has become so successful in the field. He has a good eye for spotting trends and capitalizing on them at the earliest. He believes seizing every opportunity and forming a close relationship with people who he wanted to work with. He believes in observing the way people work and function and taking the positive aspects of that and implementing it into his work and life. He believes that since he has had the good opportunity to meet so many gifted and ambitious people in his life, it is only fair to try and learn as much from them as possible to grow as an individual.  For updates on his timeline activities, hit

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In this vlog, Wengie is excited about a quiz she found online that can determine your personality based on the clothing choices you make. She explains that based on her answers, the quiz will tell her whether she is an introvert or an extrovert. Skepticism is her beginning thoughts, but will that change by the end?

Watch the full video to find out!

Mickey make a special appearance after accidentally stepping in front of the camera. Wengie snuggles him for a moment before releasing the struggling cat and begins the quiz.


Sneak Peak at some of the questions:


  • Choose a Shade of Denim
  • Choose a Sweater
  • Choose a Black and White Pattern
  • Choose a Floral Print
  • Choose a Random Pattern



Her answer is, at first, unexpected, yet a fairly accurate one, as she is named a Mild Introvert. The description given is as follows:

“You enjoy solitude and can be quite shy, though there are times when you do like to be around other people. Under the right circumstances, you can be quite outgoing.”

Wengie confesses that this quiz, for her, was very accurate and that she is, in fact, introverted, though it might be hard to tell from her videos since she is so outgoing in them. She linked the quiz in the description box of her video, but it can also be found here, if you would like to give it a try to test the accuracy .


Though this quiz worked for Wengie, it may not work for everyone. Just remember, internet quiz answers do not define who you are! Only you can do that. If you get a result that is unexpected and not who you thought you were, don’t let it define you! Continue living how you were and be the best you you can be.


Those that have been to Nihiwatu will tell you that it is irrefutably the best resort in the The world. The serene environment, in which the resort is located, helps you enjoy your holiday in calm. However, this should not be taken to mean that your stay in Nihiwatu will be boring. Not even when it is a known fact that it is located in one of the remotest island in Indonesia, Sumba Island.

Nihiwatu is a luxurious world-class resort with 27 private villas. Each of these villas has a plush pool for times when people want to keep things more intimate, you know, without being part of a community. But this is not the only source of entertainment in the resort. There is a larger plush pool. This plush pool faces the Nihi Beach and the Indian Ocean. It is accessible to guests visiting Chris Burch’s own home on the resort, Raja Mendaka. Raja Mendaka is composed of a main house and four additional villas, to accommodate guests. The main house also holds an indoor entertainment area that also extends as an outdoor entertainment area.

If you are visiting Nihiwatu with family, you can book to stay in the tree houses. There are two tree-houses on the resort. They are ideal for families as they are connected with a bamboo bridge. The main tree house has a private infinity pool and a living area. This is in addition to a bedroom, bathroom and balcony, which are common features between the two tree houses.  Check for related article.

The resort boasts of a beach spa, just to heighten your relaxation while you are on your holiday in Nihiwatu. However, if you want treatments to be done in your villa, this can be arranged. There is also a wellness center that offers group yoga. However, the instructors are flexible to customized private lessons.

About Chris Burch

Chris Burch is a self-accomplished billionaire who has amassed his wealth through investing in various industries. He is a graduate of Ithaca College, where his business life started. Today, he is the proud founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. Hop over to for more of this.

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Burch is known to invest in a number of industries including fashion, real estate and most recently, hotel. He also has a heart of helping the destitute. Therefore, he donates a percentage of Nihiwatu profits to Sumba Foundation, which helps to improve the quality of life for the people of Sumba Island.

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Baneful took the U.S market by storm in 2001, which was also the year it was introduced. It is one of the leading brands of dry dog foods. Nielsen reports that Beneful is fed to over 14 million dogs every year. Recent surveys indicate that many people view dogs as part of their family members. This is why pet owners want pet food to include ingredients consumed by humans.

It is for this reason that Beneful came under criticism for some of the ingredients they use in pet food such as glycol and propylene. The criticism was particularly sparked by the use of glycol which many people confuse for ethylene glycol, which has been known to be poisonous to dogs. There is also a group of people who criticized the company for using colorful dyes, which are meant to be appealing to humans, but they do not do much for dogs. The possible use of mycotoxins in the pet food was also a contentious issue among the critics. This is despite the fact that both the European Union and FDA approve the use of minimal amounts of mycotoxins in dry pet foods.

These concerns were all raised in 2015 when the plaintiffs filed a suit against Nestle Purina. Reports by Nestle Purina indicate that the case is still pending. So far, nearly a third of the class action lawyers have withdrawn from the suit. The reason being that none of them has managed to produce results or evidence to suggest that Beneful is using ingredients that are unsafe or unhealthy to pets.

On its part, Beneful has gone ahead to reformulate their pet food. They now have new recipes which include real chicken, real beef, real salmon with focus on the health and nutrition of the pets. Seven of the recipes they have introduced will include real meat. In the new recipes, they have removed added sugar. They have also stopped using propylene glycol as one of their ingredients. Propylene glycol has been replace with glycerin sought from natural sources. According to Nestle Purina, they strive to listen to the concerns of dog owners and they promise to keep researching on new ways to improve their pet food and to know more visit @



In series B round of venture funding for, ClassDojo has raised $21 million. This tech connects educators with students’ parents and enables them to communicate from time to time pertaining student’s activities and development of their social lives and behaviors.

ClassDojo is an education tech that was founded by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don in 2011 and is located in San Francisco CA. ClassDojo’s mission is to modify classrooms by bringing teachers, students and parents closer together. Teachers use ClassDojo as a communication platform to encourage students, and get parents engaged too.

ClassDojo is backed by leading investors, including Imagine K12, Y Combinator, General Catalyst. ClassDojo is all about helping parents guide their kids in development and learning at schools.

Teachers use the app daily to schedule activities known to parents and also take photos and videos of the students’ participation in a recent activity and send them to their parents. The parents not only use the app during school days but also use it at home. It provides features and content that can be very useful to parents. The tech is used in over 85000 schools in the US.

During formation of this education tech, founders saw some other education tech businesses come up with digital curriculum, grade books, and testing platforms. What they did not see is a free easy to use application that would connect teachers, students, and their parents. They though faced competition from other education tech companies like the Remind and Kickboard.

The founders say that security is ensured and that they would never make revenue off of user’s data. This is because privacy is a huge concern when kids are involved. Instead, they would provide premium features that would benefit the parents.

General Catalyst led the round B series of the company, and new investors included GSV, Reach Capital, and Signal Fire came on board. The start-up that was based in San Francisco, founded in 2011, has been able to raise $31 million in venture funding to date. The company graduated from education accelerator to Imagine K12, now a part of the Y Combinator.

According to General Catalyst Managing Director, the company initially was a tool to be used help shape behavioral traits in students but now is used for collaboration of parents, educators, and students. He also states that they do not expect any monetization of the company for they are driven by what parents and teachers need.

The interior design industry is surprisingly cutthroat — especially in a market like New York. With so many different designers trying to establish themselves it can be hard to separate yourself. That is where Richard Mishaan of Richard Mishaan Design steps up to the plate.

Richard Mishaan Design could be considered a guru for interior design and you need just glance at his newest book, ‘Artfully Modern’, in order to see why. In an industry that focuses so much on catering to the elite One Percent crowd, Richard Mishaan Design instead focuses on crafting something unique, sleek, and well above the cut of the rest. Richard Mishaan’s focus is to be high end without having to spend money like you are high end, and that’s what his business is all about. Richard Mishaan says, “I don’t like it when someone walks away from something because it’s not expensive enough.”

If you had a sit down conversation with Richard Mishaan for a long enough time you would grow to see the world through his eyes and the industry from his viewpoint. Richard Mishaan Design is located in New York and most of his work is done for hotels and private residences. Some of his more high profile work includes revamping a host of suites located at the St Regis way back in 2010.

What we appreciate so much about Richard Mishaan and his design work is that he brings a brand of minimalism and simplicity to what could otherwise be described as a lavish and flamboyant industry. Mishaan says, “I have had the same sofas for the past 20 years. They’ve been re-upholstered once, but I feel like if you buy good things one time, they’ll just last.” High end interior designers typically want you to open your checkbook as wide as possible, but that is simply not the case with Mishaan and his business.

Perhaps the biggest statement you could make about Richard Mishaan and his work is this: he’s not afraid to be bold, and it normally works out well. Mishaan loves to mix styles, eras, and genres and his colors always pop off the page.

David McDonald serves as the Chief Operating Officer and President of OSI Group, LLC. David also served as the manager in charge of projects at OSI Industries.

David McDonald’s Education and Work Background

David is a jack of all trades who holds the prestigious Chairman title at North American Meat Institute. Since 2008, Mr. McDonald has been an independent director at Marfrig Global Foods S.A. He obtained this title after operations of OSI Group in Brazil and Europe were acquired by Marfrig.

Mr. McDonald is also a member of the BOD of OSI Group. David Mcdonald OSI Group is the Director of OSI International Foods Limited based in Australia. Mr. McDonald graduated from Iowa State University with an Animal Science degree.

Q&A with David McDonald’s OSI Group

OSI Group opened its first food processing operation in 1992, in Beijing. On September 12, 2012, OSI Group had a celebration to mark twenty years of service in China. OSI Group is a leading food-processing company with an annual revenue of approximately 6 billion dollars.

OSI is ranked among the top few private companies in the U.S. The group aims at using a model to decentralized business and give room for decisions to be made on a local basis. However, global standards are maintained at all times. According to McDonald, the operations in China would be directly under the headquarter’s control.

During the Beijing Olympic games in 2008, OSI China managed to successfully supply 113 tons of products which included eggs, pork, chicken, pork, beef, and dehydrated onions. In addition, OSI China did not receive a single complaint which was taken positively by the Beijing Olympic Committee and McDonald. Since 2008, OSI China has been the lead supplier for well-known established brands such as McDonald’s, Papa John’s, Starbucks, Burger King, Yum, Saizeriya, and Subway.

Have you been looking for the perfect home business, like a business that will grow based on how much you put into it? You might consider having a chilled glass of wine with your friends, and then selling them a bottle of wine. You can do just that with Traveling Vineyard.

You can make money with Traveling Vineyard by hosting a wine tasting party and inviting your friends and acquaintances. Traveling Vineyard will help you with the wine party, supplying the invitations, the wines, the snacks, gifts, and even order forms for you to fill out when your friends order wines from you.

Please note that about 80% of all wine sales are spur of the moment, impulse sales. Can you imagine how easy the sale will be when the person knows that they will be tasting wine for purchase?

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Your friends will discover that Traveling Vineyard wines are chosen from selected chateaux around the world, and are quality wines. They will also discover that different snacks can go with the different wines to bring out the flavor of the wines.

Next, ask one of your friends to host a wine tasting party, and invite their friends. There, you will get new customers, while maintaining your older ones from there. That way, your customer base will grow. Your business will grow by how much effort you put into it. It is that simple!

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Chris is a remarkable real estate developer, known for his ability to pioneer brands. There are so many brands that he has founded and co-founded in various industries. Among his other industries are fashion and tech. Back in 2012, he joined hands with James McBride, with whom they bought Nihiwatu, formerly a beach hostel. They committed themselves to renovating the inn in 2015, an endeavor that cost them $30 million. They reopened it as a five-star resort, a magnificent structure to behold. In 2016, Travel + Leisure voted Nihiwatu, the best hotel in the entire world. The beautiful inn serves the purpose of a beacon of magnificence in the remote Indonesian island of Sumba.

Chris Talks About the Bravura Project

Chris Burch talked to the Business Jet Traveler in 2015, where he was interviewed about the ideal resort. He said that the primary goal of preserving the hotel was to hand it to his kids. They intend to keep it as a family asset, through which they will give back to the community. By providing the world with a beautiful venue, he allows them to do extraordinary things. He says that with an attractive palette, you can raise a spa underneath a waterfall or even have a butler in every section. Precisely, you can reach places that others have never reached. The result turned out to be more than Chris had anticipated. It is so amazing, considering that in most cases, projects turn out to be below par.  For updates on Burch recent timeline activities, click on

Fundamentals Concerning the Nihiwatu Project

The name of the beach translates to “mortar stone,” which was given following the rock that had formed on the tide. The resort serves employment needs for most people within the region. They are actually the largest local employer. As well, they always commit part of their profit to go to the support of the local community. They do so by funding Sumba Foundation, an enterprise that bankrolls projects designed to help the natives.  Interesting news here.

Information About Chris’ Sources of Finances

Burch is recognized by many for his prowess in the tech and fashion communities. His advice and decisiveness in decision-making have helped raise upcoming technologists and fashion investors.  Check for additional reading. Mostly he emphasizes on the essence of synthesizing fashion and technology. From his experience, it yields considerably since the two fields are highly dependent on each other. Chris Burch is a kingpin in his particular areas, and his initiatives serve as the primary sources of capital for him.



There are many great lip balms on the market today, none greater than EOS lip balms. When choosing your EOS lip balms there are a few things to consider, and this article will help you make a more informed decision.

The Evolution of Smooth lip balm lines are hypoallergenic, which means there are no ingredients in these lip balms that will cause an allergic reaction. These most effective lip balms are created with you in mind. Each product has a delicious scent and flavor, which makes it hard to keep from licking your lips. The best thing about these lip balms is they are made with many vitamins that revitalize your lips. If you want more plump, hydrated, healthy lips, then EOS is the best brand of lip balms for you.

Their most popular flavors in their Organic Smooth Spheres line are Summer Fruit, Blueberry Acai, and Pomegranate Raspberry, check on for more.   The Organic Smooth Spheres products are easy to tuck in your pocket, purse, or keep in your car for on-the-go application. If you need a boost of refreshing moisture any time in the day, all you need to do is reach for your EOS Organic Smooth Spheres lip balm and give your lips a dab.  More on

The EOS Visibly Soft Lip Balm line also has a few very popular flavors. Try the Vanilla Mint, Coconut Milk, or Blackberry Nectar for a delicious lip balm that truly nourishes your lips.

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The EOS Organic Smooth Sticks give you timeless application method with the same great flavors and nourishment. Pomegranate Raspberry, Vanilla Bean, and Sweet Mint flavors keep many people coming back for more of this product. This line will keep your lips happy and smiling all summer long.  Check on

These are some of the best, most popular EOS lip balm flavors. Choose your favorite today!

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