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PR Newswire is a newsletter investment industry that is the fastest growing industry. At the moment it has 60,000 subscribers.Paul Mampilly, the former hedge fund manager had worked for a20 years on Wall Street for various clients such as Deutsche Bank and many others. Mampilly has won an investment competition that was organized and put up by Templeton Foundation and therefore turned an investment worth $50 million into $88 million for the sake of a 76% gain.This was during the time of financial crisis without shorting the available stocks.

Paul has succeeded in guiding the Main Street Americans into investment opportunities that are more profitable by signing on to Banyan Hill- a publishing house that is independent and is also a research firm that only specializes in the publishing of research advisories and investment newsletters. Banyan Hill is headquartered in Delray Beach.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is a very experienced businessman as he has had up to 25 years of investment experience. He is very efficient in maintaining every job that deals with finance. Paul has studies Biotech and health care. He is also an analyst and a manager for the major international banks such as Bankers Trust and many more.

Paul has been a member of a team that has managed $23 billion-a mutual fund and a $6 billion- a hedge fund that has been the best hedge funds worldwide in the year 2008.

Paul has a huge list of clients that include the well-known European aristocracy, the private banks of Swiss including the giant banks such as the Royal Bank which is situated in Scotland.Paul is a very famous man as he has been featured on CNBC, the Fox Business News and lastly the Bloomberg TV. Paul is at the moment using his skills and experience as a previous Wall Street insider to lead his subscribers that are more than 60,000 into stocks that are geared up to rise even higher.

Whether beginning a new business or operating with a lender in securing finance, it is essential to select partners who are reliable, proven and who can assist you to meet your objectives. Julie LaPoint – The Director of Operations at Equities First oversees the execution of each transaction the company completes. And in that capacity, he finds the pleasure at Equities First working with legal financial advisors to ensure every transaction is completed in an efficient, secure and institutional fashion. Julie LaPoint indicted that; in her experience, she has leant the value of choosing the right partners. See Equities First Resume .

At Equities First, the specialists partner with the key law companies such as Ice Miller, Morgan Lewis & Bockius and O’Melveny & Myers and other top-tier world financial institutions such as Deutsche Bank, DBS, Credit Suisse and the New York Mellon Bank in ensuring EFH borrowers feel secure during their decisions when transacting with the company.

Julie LaPoint advises that; before engaging with any potential partner, it is vital to first define the capabilities and characteristics you need to make your success goal a reality. You should also select a partner with specialized industry experience and knowledge that you may need in addition to the one that aligns with your core values and mission. Click Here for more .

It takes years of devotion to establish such relationships, and Equities First has undergoes due diligence inspections and frequent audits to make sure the business exercises and organization viability meet the precise standards put in place by the company’s financial and legal partners. Equities First applies three criteria when choosing professional partners. First the company views your experience to determine whether the partner has necessary experience in meeting the EFH needs. Second is performance to consider about the track record and whether they meet their standards as per the expectation. Expertise is the third one which is often viewed as a mixture of the first two. Partnering with the best empowers Equities First to achieve best in what the company does.,34.htm for more .

Chris Burch is a renowned entrepreneur. Over the years, Chris has established numerous internationally recognized brands. In addition, he has played an integral role in marketing them to the public. After investing in different industries, Burch decided to venture into the competitive hospitality industry. In 2002, Burch partnered with hotelier James McBride in purchasing a beach hostel in the Indonesian island of Sumba. The duo spent $30 million in renovating the hostel into a modern and appealing resort. They renamed it to Nihiwatu. This five star resort opened its doors to the public in 2015. After being in business for a year, Travel + Leisure recognized the resort as the best hotel in world.

In 2015, Business Jet Traveler interviewed Burch. The executive explained his reasons for buying the hostel saying that he had bought it for his children. He posited that he would preserve the property and give back to the community. Burch said that the excellent performance and progress of Nihiwatu had surpassed his expectations. Burch spends his time between Miami, his resort in Indonesia and The Hamptons, related article on

Nihiwatu has 27 well-designed private villas, including Burch’s private villa, Raja Mendaka. This villa has a main house and four other villas. Each of these houses has a private plunge pool. At the pool, one can see the Nihi Beach and experience the cool breeze from the Indian Ocean. Nihiwatu has been nicknamed as the edge of wilderness, which means mortal stone. The resort is located on the west of Sumba. In the island, Nihiwatu has been the largest employer of the local people. Sumba Foundation receives a portion of Nihiwatu’s profit. These funds are channeled towards enhancing different local community initiatives. Nihiwatu’s indoor-outdoor entertaining area can accommodate many people.

About Chris Burch

Chris Burch is an alumnus of Itchica College. His entrepreneurial journey started over 40 years ago. Burch and Bob, his brother, founded Eagles Eye apparel in 1976 with an initial outlay of $2,000. They purchased sweaters for $10 and sold them for $15. Before long, they opened different retail stores. After being in operation for a decade, the company started making $140 million in sales, opened over 50 stores and gained a distribution footprint, be sure to click this, for additional article. In 1989, the corporation was sold partially to Swire Group. In 1998, Eagle’s Eye apparel was sold entirely.

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Presently, he is the principal of Burch Creative Capital, which boasts of a broad brand portfolio, including ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Cocoon9, Nihiwatu and Poppin. Burch has contributed to the success of multiple technology and luxury brands. In addition, Burch has invested in domestic and real estate ventures. In 2011, Burch incorporated C. Wonder, a home décor, accessories and apparel retailer. In 2015, he sold it to Xcel Brands. More of this on

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Mullen Lowe is rated as one of the largest advertising agencies in Brazil. The company has been awarded severally by Lions Cannes, celebrating its influence in the advertising industry of Brazil. Today, the company serves of the biggest brand names including Unileve, Honda, Parmalat and Asia Motors and Fiat, just to mention a few. As such, it has become the envy of most players in the marketing industry.

However, what most people don’t know is that the company has come from very far. This company was someday without funds or any investors. When Jose Henrique Borgi started the company with his business friend Errh Ray, the duo only had experience to put into it. They did not have any money. They also had no one that was willing to invest in their business. Even banks were not willing to lend them money. Am sure most people struggling to start their own companies can relate. All they had was the will to be successful. Nothing would stop them. Click here to know more.

The then BorghiErrh Creative Intelligence has gone numerous transformations since the year 2002. In the year 2015, Jose Borghi bought Errh Ray’s shares, retaining full ownership of the company. That year, the company also changed named to Mullen Lowe. Although Errh Ray continues to play managerial roles in the company, the company is fully owned by Jose Borghi who is currently the CEO and President of the company.

The journey has been long but the company has lived its dream. In the year 2009, it was ranked as the third largest ad agency in the country. Today, the company has two major offices, one in Rio de Janieiro and one in Sao Paulo. The two offices have been doing really well.

Goettl Air Conditioning is a company that provides its products and services in Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Tuscon. The management and employees of Goettl are focused on creating great relationships with their customers as well as the community at large. Sometimes Goettl Air Conditioning makes a huge difference in the lives of people in the community who are impoverished and unable to address a heating and cooling problem they have.

A family in Las Vegas, led by single mother Abana Stephenson, is one such example of how the people at Goettl Air Conditioning is a positive force in the community. The family didn’t have the money to fix their broken air conditioning system, furnace, or their toilet. This can lead to a lot of misery in Las Vegas where the temperatures regularly exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The manager of the Las Vegas Goettl offices found out about this story and got to work. He went to their home and along with other employees installed a free air conditioning unit, heater, and toilet for the family. They also partnered with Triple5teens, a local nonprofit who gave the family gifts as well.

Goettl Air Conditioning was founded by two brothers during the Great Depression. Their mission was to provide relief from the elements in the harsh desert in the southwestern part of the United States, a mission that continues today. They provide their services to residential customers as well as small businesses HVAC systems. In addition to installing and troubleshooting heating and cooling equipment, the team at Goettl also cleans and services ducts.

Goettl is owned by Ken Goodrich who purchased the company in 2013. Under his leadership, the company has thrived. Ken is a problem solver who turned the company around and refocused it on providing exceptional customer service and 100% guaranteed satisfaction.



Recently, entrepreneur Chris Burch invested in a resort located in Indonesia. This resort is now a part of his growing real estate holdings. He acquired this resort along with hotelier James McBride in an effort to create one of the best in the world. The property was originally a hostel that Burch would develop into one of the most luxurious establishments in the world. When Burch acquired this resort in the year 2012, he looked to provide yet another valuable addition to his impressive real estate portfolio. The resort was named Nihiwatu in 2015 and would be voted as the world’s best by the year 2016, check this on well as being quite active in acquiring real estate such as this resort, Chris has also been among the top entrepreneurs in the fashion industry.

When Chris sat down for a recent interview, he talked about the resort and how it has become a valuable addition to his real estate holdings. Burch said that he bought this resort in an effort to help give his children an asset to possess. It is also regarded as a way of him providing a charitable contribution to his community. Burch says that the resort is one of the most valuable assets he has due to the unique luxuries that it offers. With this resort, visitors will be in position to get service from butlers and also have access to a spa under a waterfall. By acquiring this resort, Chris believes that it has turned out to be a much better establishment than he every thought it would As a result, he is pleased that the resort has become one of the very best in the world. With reference from

Chris has been involved in business for decades as he first established himself in the fashion industry. His first ever venture in business was selling sweaters to students on campus. This turned out to be a very profitable business for him and he would eventually start up his own brand of sweaters.   Additional articles on

Within a short period of time, the company became quite successful and allowed Chris to enjoy the benefits of wealth. He would also become a co chairman of another fashion company known as Tory Burch. Burch would sell half of his ownership stake in the company and receive billions of dollars, related articles here. The money he made in the fashion industry would allow him to get involved in real estate investing. Chris would begin acquiring properties in Argentina and other parts of the United States. Click on for updates of his timeline activities.

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Adam Milstein is Recognized for His Philanthropy

Adam Milstein’s name is synonymous with Hager Pacific Properties. His many real estate accomplishments have left a mark on the real estate world. Currently, he’s the managing partner at Hager Pacific. His real estate career began while he was attending the University of Southern California.

Hager Pacific currently has a portfolio of hundreds of properties worth over $2 billion. Much of Hager Pacific’s success is due to Milstein’s brilliant leadership. While his professional pursuits are nationally renowned, his name is quickly becoming recognizable in the philanthropy community. Ever since first coming to America, Milstein has wanted to give back to his people.

His first step to giving back was co-founding the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. The foundation financially supports several other pro-Jewish organizations. The foundation also offers mentoring to young students all over the world, helping them to reconnect with their Jewish heritage.

Through cultural lessons, the students are able to create and strengthen their connection to Israel. Despite his professional success, he enjoys dedicating his time to his philanthropy. His foundation’s mission has led to hundreds of students being reintroduced to their cultural roots. They’ve been given invaluable experiences that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Milstein’s philanthropic achievements have earned him a spot on the Philanthropists & Social Entrepreneurs Top 200.

Aside from the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, Mr. Milstein has founded and co-founded several other organizations. Another of his major organizations, the Israeli-American Council, focuses on fostering a better relationship between the U.S. and Israel.

Adam Milstein is one of the world’s foremost leaders in the Council’s expansion. He has worked tirelessly to influence the development of American foreign policies regarding Israel and Jewish concerns in general. As he and his wife are both immigrants, he has personal experience that he shares with the many marginalized social groups within the U.S.

He is a fierce public speaker when it comes to defending his people. He is not afraid to stand up for what’s right.


Hussain Sajwani was born and raised in a family of small-scale businesspeople. It is from Hussain Sajwani family where he adopted the zeal to venture into business. As a young boy, Hussain Sajwani used to visit his father at his business place and thus gained the urge to join the business world and even do better than his parents.

After his graduation from the University of Washington where he was pursuing a degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics, Hussain Sajwani was hired by the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company as their contract manager. Read more:DAMAC Chairman Relishes His Roots | The National

Hussain Sajwani is the founding and current Damac owner and chairman which is the largest private real estate company in Dubai as well as in the Middle East. DAMAC was established back in 2002 to act as a mid-market and has its headquarters based in the United Arab Emirates.

The DAMAC Properties is globally recognised for its world-class golf course projects, classic property development as well as its innovative marketing stunts. To date, DAMAC Properties has done over 8890 units and 19 136 units others are in the progress of completion.

DAMAC company’s continuous growing success has been attributed to Hussain’s rich and extensive background in entrepreneurship and business since his first company establishment in the food service center.

In his career, Hussain Sajwani has been very vibrant in establishing companies. Some of the companies he founded include; the Draieh Management Services and Twilight Invest among other building and hotel businesses. As an investor and entrepreneur, Hussain Sajwani has adopted the secret of innovation and networking with top business profiles worldwide.

While the position of Donald Trump as the U.S president denies him the chance to do business like before, Hussain Sajwani hopes that their business relationship will last. According to him, his relationship with Donald Trump has a long history and Donald’s Achievement is a significant boost to their business brand. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani:

When it comes to charity, Hussain Sajwani is not left out; he is a forefront philanthropist. He has participated in several fund drives such as the “Yemen We Care” initiative where he contributed over 272000 USD to cater for health, education and relief of the disadvantaged Yemenis in 2015.

Also, the DAMAC owner has also funded the clothing campaign for the needy children worldwide.

Evolution of Smooth, or EOS as it is better known by, is a company founded by Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller, and Craig Dubitsky. The unique background of the partners is what has contributed to success of EOS lip balm. Mehra’s background was spent in consumer packaged goods companies. Whereas Teller and Dubitsky’s talents were spent in start-up incubator projects. All came together to figure out how they could spice up the drugstore’s beauty aisles.

In a report by Fast Company, the Partner’s decided that lip balm was a great choice to re-create since it had been presented as the same unisex product for over 100 years. With this knowledge and the focus narrowed through sensory panels the men found that women between the ages of 25-35 were the biggest buyers of a product that they now understood needed some sprucing up if it were to appeal to this more specific population.

No stone was unturned. They hired artists to come up with attractive shapes that would appeal to the five senses of its users. Mehra and Teller went to engineering trade shows to learn how they could make their own product versus paying an outside party to run production. In the end, they created a facility that is almost fully automatic.

With the new package appealing to all senses and a production plan in place they needed to find a way to get the well thought out product on stores shelves. Mehra used his savvy sales experience to break the product into the first big chain store Walgreen’s. Walmart, racked and Target would soon carry EOS sphere shaped lip balms.

To drive sales, along with a catchy tagline, EOS has a high profile on both Twitter and Facebook,

The tech world is taking over and that is a good thing. It is a good thing because it makes things easier for people. Whenever something can make something easier for people and the world in general, that is a good thing. Everyone is on the same wave length, communicating, and there is no room for error. That is why Bob Reina takes great pride in Talk Fusion, which he created and founded in 2007. It is his baby, so to speak, and he has helped build it from the ground up with the help of a lot of people along the way.


They are a video communications service that allows people to get their name or their brand out there through a number of marketing tools such as video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. These help spread the word and let people know what someone’s business model is and it also allows them to communicate with as many people as possible at the same time, which is a wonderful thing. It does not matter if someone lives in a different state or country, they can still be made aware of the product and they can still look into it if it is something they like.


This has made the world easier and this is the way things are in today’s 21st century. In the past, people had to do a 9-5 desk job or work retail. There is nothing wrong with working those jobs if someone is truly passionate about it, but for some people, it is simply not their calling. They have other ideas in mind and other plans. That is the beauty of Talk Fusion. It is not one size fits all. It is truly the product for the world and for anyone that needs it. There is a place for everyone and a lot of people have a lot of different interests. That is a good thing. If everyone were the same and behaved the same, the world would be an awful boring place. With Talk Fusion, everyone gets their time in the sun and they are going to shine!




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