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Coaching a college basketball team requires skill, dedication, and patience. For an assistant coach like Yanni Hufnagel, these attributes are the reason for his prosperous professional coaching career. Hufnagel has been instrumental in leading Harvard University’s basketball team, Crimson, through several accomplishments.


Hufnagel’s success story began when he was a student at Cornell University. He had tried playing basketball in high school but did not make it to the team. He first served as the basketball manager for the University for one season. Yanni Hufnagel managed to secure an internship with the New Jersey Nets during summer and fall. As an intern, he was involved with laundry pickup activities for the NBA team.


After graduating from Cornell University, Hufnagel was fortunate enough to meet Ryan Krueger, who worked with him during his internship. Krueger introduced Hufnagel to Oklahoma Basketball Team’s head coach, Jeff Capel. Capel interviewed Hufnagel and employed him as a graduate assistant. Capel also spoke with Tommy Amaker, Harvard’s head basketball coach, about Yanni Hufnagel’s coaching skills.


Yanni Hufnagel started working at Harvard as a volunteer assistant coach. The institution officially employed him for his exceptional coaching skills. As a Jewish-American assistant coach, Hufnagel led the Crimson team to win the Ivy League basketball competitions. This triumph earned him national recognition as one of the young and talented coaches.


About Yanni Hufnagel


After his successful coaching career at Harvard, Yanni Hufnagel currently serves as the assistant basketball coach of Nevada Wolf Pack men’s team. His previous assistant coaching duties were beneficial to Vanderbilt Commodores and California Golden Bears.


Yanni Hufnagel is regarded as one of the best recruiters in college basketball. He did a course in industrial and labor relations at the Cornell University. He also acquired a master’s degree in Adult and Higher Education with an Emphasis in Intercollegiate Athletics Administration from Oklahoma University.




Susan McGalla is among one of the growing number of leaders that are taking on the business world. However, she does stand out in many different ways. Among the ways she stands out is in the way she addresses women. For one thing, she speaks about the many different things they could do in order to reach their goals in today’s world. Therefore, women can gain something that they can apply to their lives from Susan. Susan herself has observed the world and knows what it is going to take for women to continue to rise up the ladder for their careers.

Susan identifies a few key factors in the success of women. One major factor that she names is education. For one thing, people who are educated are more likely to reach their goals and live productively. Many of the high earning industries and positions require degrees and certificates. It would be really hard for one to be able to get these degrees without getting the necessary education. However, women do find themselves intimidated at the higher costs of education. Even student loans can be intimidating when they find themselves trying to pay all of that off in their careers.  More on

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Another thing that Susan McGalla advises women is that they pay little to no attention to the glass ceiling, read more about Susan, click Given the changing world, this barrier is almost irrelevant. Therefore, women can get the education they need in order to start their own business. They don’t have to complain about how they are being treated unfairly in their industry. There are a ton of businesses that are owned by women that are seeing a lot of success because the owners know how to use their skills and connections to come up with the right marketing campaigns that will bring in the customers.  Check also

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Three of the top most common orthopedic procedures may be the replacements of hips, knees, and shoulders, but another common surgery related to the orthopedic field is spine surgery. One Australian surgeon, Greg Finch, takes a keen interest in all aspects of spinal surgery.

The Top 3 Most Common Orthopedic Surgeries

Hip replacement surgery uses an artificial metal or plastic joint to take the place of the patient’s painful hip joint. This surgery is performed after other measures have proven inadequate for pain relief. The patient should be able to ambulate pain-free after this procedure.

When someone cannot find relief of knee pain through other various methods, then knee replacement surgery becomes necessary. The patient in need of this procedure is generally over the age of 50, having severe osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis can occur due to aging joints, obesity, or injury, and the patient would suffer from joint pain and stiffness.

When someone needs shoulder replacement surgery, the surgeon either replaces ends of damaged bone, or caps them with plastic-lined, or metal and plastic-lined artificial surfaces. Cement may hold the artificial surfaces in place, or another kind of artificial surface may allow new bone growth to keep the surface in place.


Introducing Orthopedic Surgeon Greg Finch

After attaining FRACS, in 2000 from the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, Greg Finch worked alongside the world’s leading spinal surgeons from USA, UK, and Germany. What Finch likes to perform is minimally invasive spine surgery. He has an interest also in adult deformity, as well as cervical spine surgery including disc replacement, yet Finch enjoys all facets of spinal surgery.

Finch, in 1991, received his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery from the University of Auckland. Since then he has performed as an Orthopedic spine surgeon and joined various professional associations such as the Spine Society of Australia, and the North American Spine Society, to name a few.

Is replacement or spine surgery in your future? Finding a surgeon who enjoys his work and performed jointly with leading surgeons sounds like the right doctor for the job.


White Shark Media exists to help its clients make money. The Miami-based firm assign marketing specialist to oversee Bing and Google AdWords campaigns designed to achieve the most desirable outcome. That type of outcome is one focused on significantly increased sales conversions. Not every client will have the same experience, but various different testimonials on the firm’s website reveal both big and small businesses report increases in revenue thanks to working with White Shark Media.


The current world of online marketing focuses heavily on pay per click ads. Even those who are heavily invested in social media marketing know PPC ads play a large part in reaching a desired target audience.


Social media is fine, but the search engines remain “where it is at” for internet marketing. Google and Bing AdWords ads comprise billions of dollars in online advertising. Instituting the right approach to crafting, presenting, and managing the ads is vital. White Shark Media works with clients to make sure things are done in an effective manner.


This is not to infer that White Shark Media has devised a single, inflexible means of handling duties on behalf of clients. The company is always evolving. Streamlining and improving operations has been a goal of White Shark Media. The firm listened to detailed feedback from clients to make outstanding changes to better deliver on results and experiences.


White Shark Media works with those who are completely new to AdWords marketing and those who already explored the process. Simply contacting the company for a free evaluation can set a course for both newbies and those hoping for improvements in their current campaign.


John Goulet is a renowned, trained and certified financial advisor based in Pennsylvania. In addition to his eleven years of experience giving counsel and helping clients in coming up with financial solutions he also has various certifications including CRPC and CFS among others. His education background has played a vital role in helping him build his career and a strong clientele that he serves across the country.

Dedication is one of the virtues that John Goulet treasures the most. He has dedicated his entire career and his knowledge and skills to his clients. John takes his time to study and learn his clients’ issues and problems and together, they come up with solutions that may suit the client’s needs. He has been able to be great at what he does by being committed and dedicated to his clients.

John Goulet incorporates a Confident Retirement Approach to his clients’ needs that enable them to achieve the best financial positions. Before implementing this plan, John Goulet encourages his clients to speak up and share with him their fears, financial information and other necessary information that is deemed important for him to come up with a suitable financial plan and to help his clients adopt the best solutions for their lives plan regarding finances.

Eleven years in the financial industry has left John Goulet a financial analyst guru. He has mastered the skill and ability to draw confidence and trust with his clients. Most people are afraid of investing or getting financial solutions from people they don’t trust. Be that as it may, John Goulet has the ability to make his clients feel as part of the family and come to him for financial help. Eleven years have helped him shape up his career and especially earn the trust of his clients and his colleagues. John at Facebook .

Currently, John Goulet works as a financial advisor for Chester Springs Wealth Management Group. The company is privately owned that works with a team of well-qualified staff to offer counsel and financial advice to their clients all over the country. John uses his career to help people facing financial dilemmas to maximize on their investments. for more.

Chris Burch is a successful entrepreneur who has an eye for the hospitality industry. In 2012, Burch collaborated with hotelier James McBride to purchase a beach hostel on the Indonesian island of Sumba. The cost of renovating the hostel amounted to $30 million. Later in 2015, the hostel was reopened as a five-star hotel named Nihiwatu. In 2016, Nihiwatu was honored as the best hotel worldwide by Travel + Leisure.


According to an interview with the renowned Business Jet Traveler, Burch cited that he had purchased the hostel for not only his children but also a way of giving back to the community. Furthermore, the two partners plan to expand and build resorts in Nicaragua and Costa Rica, which are easily accessible to the millennial traveler.


An Overview of Nihiwatu


Nihiwatu has been nicknamed “The Edge of Wilderness.” Nihiwatu means “Mortar Stone.” Further, the beach was named after a rock formation on the tide. Nihiwatu has created employment for many people in the island. Moreover, a share of the hotel’s benefits goes to Sumba Foundation, which funds projects that help the local community.


The resort has two, two-story tree houses. The two villas are self-contained, and a bamboo bridge enables movement from one villa to another. Further, the décor encompasses traditional Sumbanese antiques and Ikat prints.


Nihiwatu has a beach spa and a wellness center that provides daily yoga session. The beach has been praised for being the paradise of a surfer. However, it has a rule that does not allow ten surfers in the water at a time. For starters, a surfer lesson costs $250 per person. Furthermore, an excursion to a nearby waterfall through the resort costs $175 per person. Nihiwatu transports guest who wants to visit a nearby bay called Coconut Groove through Safari jeeps. The resort also offers horse-riding trips.


Chris Burch


Chris Burch is the renowned CEO and Founder of Burch Creative Capital, which has a brand portfolio including Cocoon9, Poppin, and Nihiwatu. He is an avid investor in many businesses. Additionally, Burch is the co-founder of Tory Burch. Chris Burch is currently applying his skills in marketing and sales to financial services, technology, hospitality, and consumer product.


Chris Burch began his career as an entrepreneur in 1976 when he was studying at Ithaca College. Burch invested $2,000 alongside his brother Bob. They both started Eagle apparel that grew to $165 million. After the company had been sold to Swire Group, Burch was named as one of the investors in the renowned Internet Capital Group.


Eric Pulier is an American businessman from the city of Los Angeles. Other than business, Eric is involved in other ventures such as entrepreneurship, writing books and giving back to the community. His notable association with philanthropy is his involvement with X-Prize foundation that tries to solve problems facing humanity. In the same issue, Eric is involved with the Painted Turtle as he aims to help children suffering from chronic illness. Eric Pulier is a graduate of Harvard University with a degree in American literature. He graduated in the year 1984. During his involvement with this institution, Eric used to be an editor of the Harvard Crimson. To further his education, Pulier attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology but never graduated. Other than American literature, Eric has studied other topics such as computer science and environmental studies. Eric has also studied visual arts.


Eric Pulier has established many companies since finishing school, and they include Entreprise cloud leadership, Serviemesh, Deskstone as well as Akana. He has also established other companies such as US Interactive, Media Platform, and Digital Interaction. In total, he is linked with over 15 companies in the United States. As an author, he has worked on a book called Understanding Enterprise SOA that tries to discuss how people can learn from his journey to become successful. He is also a frequent contributor to the Forbes Magazine. Eric success can be attributed to his desire to learn programming at an early age. Eric Pulier can be remembered for his involvement with US President Bill Clinton in their effort to find low-cost cloud computing solution.


Eric is also involved with the ACE Foundation as a donor and the founder. This foundation aims at helping communities’ access clean drinking water. He is also involved with the XPRIZE Foundation that organizes public competitions aimed at spurring technological developments in the United States. He works alongside other billionaires such as Larry Page, Ratan Tata, James Cameron and Elon Musk. He serves on the Innovation Board of this institution. In helping kids suffering from chronic illness, Eric Pulier has dedicated his time to the Starbright Foundation.


Different countries have their own set of laws that govern them. For different countries to engage in any form of relation, formal or otherwise, it is important for both parties to embrace and understand the differences and similarities of the governing laws separating them. The study of these laws is referred to as comparative law.

Comparative law plays an important role in the understanding of legal systems in foreign countries. The study is carried out on:

  • Civil law
  • Common law
  • Socialist law
  • Religious laws including Hindu, Islamic, Jewish, Chinese and Canon law.

According to works,, Sujit Choudhry is a law professor at the University of California, Berkeley- School of law. He is an internationally renowned consultant and top advisor on matters of constitution building systems. Sujit Choudhry is the founder of Center for Constitutional Transitions, an organization that drives support for constitution building process.

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Sujit Choudhry has had an extensive research and experience on comparative law having worked with International governments such as Egypt, Tunisia, Ukraine among others, check this on   His research and experience has earned him several prestigious international recognitions on Global Comparative Constitutional Law.

North African Muslim nations witnessed turmoil and upheavals during the Arab Spring in the 2010’s. A legal solution was needed to consolidate the disparate views of the angry protestors annoyed with the monarch-like systems in their nations.

What happens is that the nation gets caught in a crossroads of sorts. On one side they are intent on doing away with the archaic laws and rules of the past and embrace the new and the future. But, they don’t also want a scenario whereby they erase their history and culture just like that. That is where the brilliant legal minds espoused by the likes of Sujit Choudhry comes in the equation. Check

The current global economic interactions have emphasized the importance of comparative law. Through public lectures and his organization, Sujit Choudhry continues to impact knowledge on constitution-building processes. Learn more about Sujit’s work, visit his page.

Currently, his Center for Constitutional Transitions has worked with experts from different countries on separate constitutional issues such as transitioning from violence to peaceful politics, ethnicity divide, decentralized and democratic politics.

Comparative law is a guiding principle for the design and implementation of legal frameworks in most countries. It is important to conform to internationally accepted standards to be able to foster international relations.


Dallas, Texas is happy that they are home to Highland Capital Management. Highland Capital Management does more for Dallas, Texas than any other company in that area. Highland invests money into businesses and schools. This financial investment is not just done through stocks. Highland also invests in the physical structures of businesses and schools and the training of employees. Highland Capital Management wants to give people more of a reason to come to Dallas. Highland even invests in the government so the city streets and playgrounds are kept maintained.


Beyond investments, Highland Capital Management employees volunteer at hundreds of businesses, schools, events, and non-profit organizations. When these employees volunteer at businesses and schools, they get involved with the financial board. These employees come up with strategies to help these businesses and schools save money. When it comes to events and non-profit organizations, these employees put together fundraisers to help bring in profits. Highland Capital Management employees love volunteering so much they have a department designated to volunteer work. Employees within the company take turns representing this department of the company. Highland Capital Management contacts thousands of schools and organizations every day to offer their volunteer services.


In addition to volunteer work, Highland Capital Management makes countless donations every month. A lot of these donations are made to private high schools and community colleges. These donations are then turned into scholarships so Dallas teens and adults can aim to go to college for free. Highland Capital Management always puts education first. That is why they even have several of their own scholarships they offer throughout the year. These scholarships are for high school students who are applying to colleges in other parts of the country or even the world. All these scholarships include a four-year college term, which also includes room-and-board.


Highland Capital Management is open to suggestions regarding how they better donate to the community. All people within the community are welcome to contact Highland either by phone or online with any ideas and/or concern they have regarding Highland donations. A Highland representative will contact each individual in a timely fashion.

Rona Borre started her little staffing company in Chicago in 2001 and today she is a Chicago, business leader. She belongs to several Chicago business organizations and serves in leadership roles in such organizations as the Economic Club of Chicago, the Young Presidents’ Organization, and the Chicago Network.

Her company, Instant Alliance of which she is the CEO is one of the leading staffing companies in the nation, and their services and expertise are often called upon to find special placements in many kinds of companies. She has instilled in her employees and account executives the ethic of getting to the key point of a transaction and helping the client get there too.  Watch her on

One key element of hiring candidates is the relationship that the staffing company can create with the client company, check this on If the staffing company can learn what the client wants and needs, the culture of the country and what kind of talent will fit in, the Borre and her staff can comb the country for that one special person.

While most of the competition is flooding the playing field with numbers. Rona Borre and her associates are surgically inserting the right person in the right place at the right time. This process works very will as noted by the steady annual growth of Instant Alliance.

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