Mr. Sheldon Lavin – The Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group

Mr. Sheldon Lavin is the current CEO of the OSI Group LLC, which operate as a food processing industry. The products that are offered by OSI Group include bacon, poultry, pork, beef, fried food products, kettle products, and hot dogs. As a food processing industry, OSI Group LLC has an obligation to offer services such as quality assurance, food safety, and food process engineering. Before accepting the position of the CEO at OSI Group LLC, Mr. Sheldon was the President of the OSI International Foods Ltd, which provide catering services and manufactures food products. Learn More .

By having a fruitful career in the banking and finance industry, Mr. Sheldon entered into food and meat industry as an outsider. Furthermore, Sheldon Lavin was a serious executive and investor in the banking industry. He also had his financial firm, which was primarily dealing with financial consultations. The entry of Mr. Lavin into the meat and food processing industry started in 1970 when he was helping the Otto and Sons Company with its financial issues. Otto and Sons Company, which is the predecessor company to OSI Industries had the opportunity of becoming the biggest supplier of meat products to McDonald’s Company, but the firm did not have enough fund to meet the market demand. In that case, Mr. Sheldon was requested to take the ownership of Otto and Sons Firm, but he declined. This is because his career in the financial industry was to offer consultations to organizations and business people who are experiencing financial difficulties and not to take advantage of their current situation.

Later on, Sheldon became interested in the business when Otto and his sons started to look for investors overseas. Therefore, Mr. Sheldon accepted to partner with the two sons of Mr. Otto who retired from the business. Also, it was a request from McDonald’s Company that Mr. Lavin to get full-time involvement with Otto and Sons Company, which was later changed to OSI Group.

By being a businessman and philanthropist, Mr. Lavin has won several awards in the non-profit and business activities. He is also involved with charitable organizations such as Evans Scholarship Fund, Chicago City Foundation, and Inner City Foundation. He is also the Board of Trustees of RMHC (Ronald McDonald House Charities). for more.

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