How the acquisition of Desert Valley Mechanical will be Beneficial to Goettl Good Guys

Desert Valley Mechanical, a company that was established more than two decades ago, will be operating under the name and license number of Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning. Goettl Good Guys have bought the rights to every property that is owned by Desert Valley such as intellectual assets, phone numbers, and inventory. The owner of Desert Valley will also team up with the management team in Goettl Good Guys. Note that the financial conditions of the transaction were never disclosed.

Kenneth Goodrich, the founder of Goettl Good Guys, says that what he loved about the Desert Valley is John Linner who is the president and founder of that company. Since he is like-minded regarding quality and customer service, it was evident that his client base was loyal and reliable. Note that one of the fundamental strategies to that purchase was incorporating John Linner into the Goettl Good Guys management team.

Acquisition of properties has enabled Goettl Good Guys to experience unending growth strategy. Goettl has its major operations in Phoenix and Tucson, and it is also in the process of making acquisitions in Las Vegas. After offering its services in Arizona for 75 years, Goodrich pointed out that Goettl Good Guys is planning to expand its territory to Las Vegas, Texas and southern California. Goodrich has realized about 9% increase in income for the entire financial year. The revenue will increase as a result of the acquisition of Desert Valley. Once the Las Vegas deal is completed, Goodrich predicts a 22% increase in profits.

As part of the development strategy, Goettl Good Guys has invested in some other local air conditioning and plumbing firms like Goettl Air Conditioning and the Sunny Plumber. Goettl Good Guys are always looking for high-quality HVAC and plumbing service providers so that they can merge or partner with them to develop and build the brand.

About Goettl Air Conditioning
Goettl Air Conditioning is the leading service provider for heating and air conditioning installation services from the time Gust and Adam founded it in 1936. From the time it was originally founded, the Goettl has been successful and flourished through 75 years of business and technological vicissitudes and transitions.

  1. Alessandra Martin

    Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning has purchased Desert Valley Mechanical, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning firm based in Phoenix. Its legacy has continued with Goettl Air Conditioning that is devoted to excellent customer services. It directly involve things that has been able to implement and it makes a lot of sense in that way too.

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