How Securus Technologies Managed To Achieve Success

There are a number of companies that are providing inmate phone services around the United States. But few have managed the kind of success that Securus Technologies has achieved. I was very keen to understand the reasons behind this.


This was when Securus Technologies provided me with the thousands of letters and emails and other forms of communication on a regular basis. All these were from their clients mainly. Specifically, these were from jail and prison officials. All of them spoke about how the solutions being provided by Securus Technologies were able to make the correctional facility a better place.


I was impressed to see how all these letters were read, shared, analyzed and then acted upon. In fact, all the innovations of the company were based on this feedback only. The company saw what was going well and what was not. It also noticed what new was required. This could either mean a completely new product or some slight modifications in the existing one.


I could see how important safety was over here. In fact, each employee at Securus Technologies is focused on safety. It seemed that safety had become a part of their DNA now!


Nearly every week, something new is coming in from Securus Technologies. They like to share the details of their innovative products with their clients all the time. Hence they are invited to visit their Technology Center which is located in Dallas, Texas. They feel that unless the clients know what all is on offer, how can they possibly make use of it and make their correctional facility a much safer place for the inmates. Hence anyone can visit their Technology Center at any time since it is an open invitation. There are hardly any other companies that are so eager to share their product details with others!


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