How A Career With Traveling Vineyard Can Be Profitable

Traveling Vineyard offers work from home opportunities to entrepreneurs across the United States. These independent contractors are called Wine Guides and they have the freedom to work as much or as little as they desire. Some people use it as a part-time career to pay for vacations and the like while other approach it as a serious endeavor and eventually build up a team of Wine Guides that work for them. The possibilities are endless as Wine Guide and people get out of it in correlation to how much effort they put into this occupation.

Traveling Vineyard supports its Wine Guides with training, support, and materials that make it easy to sell the companies products. Traveling Vineyard sells a white variety of wines, including white wines and red. A Wine Guide sets up a tasting party at a persons home. The guests then get to sample some of the varieties of wine that Traveling Vineyard has. At the end of the tasting party, the guests and host are given order sheets on which they can select what wines they want to buy as well as make it a one-time order or set up a schedule of wine being shipped to their homes on a regular basis.

After getting started with Traveling Vineyard by contacting the company and showing interest in being a Wine Guide, they receive a Success Kit which includes everything they need to get started including enough wine for their first two tasting parties.

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