Greg Finch Gets His Patient’s There

Greg Finch is a very well-known Australian orthopedic surgeon who has been practicing ever since 2001. Gregory Finch is an individual who attended the Auckland Medical School in Australia. Greg Finch is an individual who specializes in minimally invasive back surgery, but he is qualified to do many other types of orthopedic surgeries as well.


When it comes to orthopedics, Greg Finch is an individual who is well-known and very sought-after because of his knowledge and expertise. Finch is a member of the North American Spine Society and the Australian Orthopedic Association. Greg Finch is an individual who has dedicated the majority of his career to orthopedic surgery, and that is the reason why he is considered to be an expert in the field.


A very common orthopedic surgery is called an ACL reconstruction. The ACL stands for the anterior cruciate ligament. This is the main stabilizing ligament in the knee. When an individual suffers a tear in this ligament, be it because of a sports injury or because of a fall, the ligament needs to be reconstructed. During a standard ACL reconstruction surgery, the surgeon will use tissue from the patient’s body or from a donor to make a new ACL. As the ACL heals, the new tissue will start filling in where the tear was created, and it will start to form a new ligament.


Another very common orthopedic procedure is called a total shoulder replacement. A total shoulder replacement helps diminish the pain that an individual will feel in their joint. This surgery is needed because of an injury or because of repetitive movements in the joint. This procedure involves replacing the damaged parts of the cartilage and bone with a permanent metal prosthesis. This can improve a patient’s range of motion and also decrease their pain.


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