Goettl Air Conditioning Merge Expands Reach Into Las Vegas

PR Newswire has reported that Arizona-based Goettl Air Conditioning has merged with a pair of neighboring air conditioning companies, Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air. The newly combined firm has added 20 new technician positions, and several new trucks, positioning it’s services as more convenience for residential customers. By tapping into the Las Vegas market, Goettl can offer more services. “This horizontal integration of firms will benefit us by meeting everyone’s objectives. Clients get the combined resources like technical expertise of three expert companies and the best practices of a new larger company” says Goettl’s owner, Ken Goodrich.


As one of the leaders in the industry, Goettl Air Conditioning prides itself on staying abreast of today’s innovative modern world of AC appliances. Even though the majority of customers utilize their technician services for preventive maintenance and repairs, Goettl also offers installation and replacements for new energy efficient systems.


“The marriage of our A/C firms has been a win-win for everyone, and we look forward to continued growth and servicing the Arizona-Las Vegas areas,” says Goodrich. The merger also offers the three company’s ability to diversify and increase their array of markets. Paradise Air has a heavy concentration servicing multi-family and rental residences, while Las Vegas Air was primarily focused on residential maintenance. “All three firms mesh very well, demonstrating an exceptional level of excellence and service to clients,” says Ken Goodrich.


Founded in 1939, Goettl Air Conditioning has always been a dynamic company with plenty of highs. Believing in old-fashioned values and principles, they have a reputation of quality and detailed work. Headquartered in Arizona, Goettl is proud to offer “only the best.” Started by brothers Adam and Gus Goettl, the company is a leader in the industry, supplying customers with the technical expertise to ensure heating and cooling systems continue to deliver comfort at peak efficiency. For more than 70 years, the company has specialized in residential maintenance and installation. The current merger fosters new improvements that include more services that meet the needs of customers.


Recognized for service excellence by Greg Stanton, Phoenix Mayor, and Governor Janice K. Brewer, Goettl continues to be highly decorated and among the top in the industry.

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