Eric Lefkofsky’s Benevolence

Every Entrepreneur begins somewhere. Eric Lefkofsky has a fascinating story. His entrepreneurial journey began while he was a freshman at the University of Michigan. He was selling carpets. After completing law school, together with his partner Bradley Keywell, Eric Lefkofsky borrowed money so that they can buy Brandon Apparel. The company did not do too well, but the pair did not despair. In the year 1999, they founded Starbelly, an internet company that primarily specialized in promotional products. Just before the dot-com bubble burst, they sold Starbelly for 240 million. After creating, buying and selling several companies, he created Groupon. The company became very successful, especially in internet IPOs.

Philanthropy is part and parcel of Lefkofsky daily life. In the year 2006, together with his wife Liz, he founded a charitable trust known as Lefkofsky Family Foundation. The mission of the foundation is to give grants to areas such as human rights, education, culture, arts and medical researchers. Chicago which of the hometown of Lefkofsky is the greatest beneficially, with the larger part of the donation going to arts and culture. Over $7 million has been given to Steppenwolf Theatre Company to help in nurturing talents. Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Arts also received a sum of $2.5 Million.

Education is among the key areas of focus for the Foundation. Lefkofsky Family Foundation extends its support to the organizations that develop tools for teachers and the administrators. Additionally, it supports the after-school programs for disadvantaged youths and offers scholarships programs. At the University of Michigan, Eric Lefkofsky donated $1.2 million to the schools’ health system.

When it comes to health, Lefkofsky family foundation extends its philanthropy. It supports medical centers that care for children in Chicago. This organization has given donations to support the treatment of pancreatic cancer. It has also given support to researches done on the treatment and cure of thyroid cancer, lung cancer, and leukemia.

There are prospects of the Lefkofsky Family Foundation to do even more in the future. for more.


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