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How Securus Technologies Managed To Achieve Success

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There are a number of companies that are providing inmate phone services around the United States. But few have managed the kind of success that Securus Technologies has achieved. I was very keen to understand the reasons behind this.   This was when Securus Technologies provided me with the thousands of letters and emails and…

Securus Technologies Endorses Benefits of Video Visitation in Prisons

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Securus Technologies, a top supplier of technology solutions to U.S. correctional facilities, announced a new promotion to recommend the advantages of remote video visitation in prisons across the US. Securus’ video visitation service was highlighted in commercials indicating the importance of video visitation. Securus Chairman and CEO, Rick Smith, lauded the new technology adding that…

Securus Technology rolls a commercials on its video visitation program

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In a recent press release, Securus Technologies stated that they will bring a new campaign to promote video visitations to correction agencies. The company plans to roll out a series of commercials geared commercials aimed at demonstrating the need and value of video visitation. The commercials are geared to focus on value the company is…


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