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Lime Crime Now Has An Amazing New Color Scheme

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Are you looking for more than a traditional highlighter? You can now choose from an amazing color scheme that consists of vibrant colors inspired by the Lime Crime cosmetic line. Their creator, Doe Deere says, it is exciting to expand her bold colors choices with a cool collection of hair dyes. Best of all, the amazing dyes will not include…

Wengies Hair Hacks

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Wengie is a young Chinese woman currently living in Australia creating a variety of different YouTube videos. She creates content on a variety of topics including hair, beauty and even just simple life hacks. She currently has well over five million subscribers and receives millions and millions of views on her interesting and creative videos….

The Top 4 Best Things About Fabletics According To Happy Customers

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Kate Hudson’s athletics apparel brand Fabletics has been bringing cute and comfortable workout and athleisure gear to millions of happy customers for almost four years. Fabletics subscribers eagerly await each month’s delivery of their brand new handpicked outfit to arrive in the mail. For just $49.95 a month, you too can become a Fabletics subscriber….


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