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Rona Borre is a Results Oriented Business Leader

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Rona Borre started her business, Instant Alliance, from the spare bedroom of her Chicago condominium in 2001. In six months she had 50 people working for her in the staffing business that was to set the world on fire and become one of the fastest-growing recruiting and staffing companies in the country. She had just…

As Equities First Services Gains Traction, Julie Lapoint, The Director Of Operations Gives An Advice

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Whether beginning a new business or operating with a lender in securing finance, it is essential to select partners who are reliable, proven and who can assist you to meet your objectives. Julie LaPoint – The Director of Operations at Equities First oversees the execution of each transaction the company completes. And in that capacity,…

Susan McGalla’s Advice to Women on How to Achieve Success at the Workplace

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A lot of advocacy has been done to bring about change in the standards and conditions for working women in the last century. According to the US Department of Labor’s data, one in every five women has taken part in the labor force. Presently women make up 46.9% of the available labor force but only…

Susan McGalla Offers A Lot Of Encouragement For Women To Do What it Takes To Succeed

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Susan McGalla is among one of the growing number of leaders that are taking on the business world. However, she does stand out in many different ways. Among the ways she stands out is in the way she addresses women. For one thing, she speaks about the many different things they could do in order…


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