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Adam Milstein is Recognized for His Philanthropy Adam Milstein’s name is synonymous with Hager Pacific Properties. His many real estate accomplishments have left a mark on the real estate world. Currently, he’s the managing partner at Hager Pacific. His real estate career began while he was attending the University of Southern California. Hager Pacific currently…

Equities First Stock Loans Deals Getting Better

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For those with equities and still seeking for the great arrangement from Equities First; you begin by offering your shares as security. Your loan is charged 3 to 4% every year and paid within 3 years. After the period, you can prompt to pay them back and your whole shares will be taken back to…

JustFab: A Product By Brilliant Entrepreneurs Don Ressler And Adam Goldenberg

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Don Ressler, one of the pioneers in a new marketing strategy known as JustFab, is also the same name behind continuous booming start-ups, comprising Intelligent Beauty along with its subsidiaries. Intermix Media in 2001 took the honor or purchasing his very first start-up under the name of Fitness Heaven. Don Ressler later becomes a business…

Former Owner of Atlanta Hawks Sues AIG over Ferry Settlement

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The former owners of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC. are set to sue AIG insurance company for failing to represent them during negotiations with Ferry’s legal representatives, and for failing to acknowledge that they were covered during the time the claim was brought against them. The lawsuit lists breach of contract, and is…

Why We Call It Equities First

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Do you need a loan? It happens now and then when things do not quite go right, and a loan is needed to get your small business back on track. It happens, and that’s the way it is. Maybe it’s a because of a loss due to the weather — it happens. Now you remember…

Chris Burch Invests in Wearable Tech

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The fashion and technology industries have been two of the most robust and successful industries over the past decade. While these two industries have historically operated on a standalone basis, the industries are continuing to merge together through the use of wearable technology. Some of the most common forms of wearable technology today include smart…

Josh Verne Passes Down His Two-Decade Tips On How One Can Manifest Success As An Entrepreneur And Leader

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16 years ago, Josh Verne set the stage for Home Line Furniture to open more stores across the United States. He oversaw the firm’s evolution from a furniture store to a distributor of wholesale products. Since he joined Home Line in 1995, more customers accessed retailing stores that sold the firm’s furniture. In 2011, Josh…

A Look At The Career Of José Borghi

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Jose Borghi is the President and Founder of the Mullen Lowe Advertisement Agency. When the company was founded, its name was Borghi Lowe. It is one of the most prominent advertisement companies based in the United States. In the Brazilian market, its influence and reputation precede its management and capability to deliver the best products…

E-Commerce Branding Genius Don Ressler Watches JustFab Fashion Soar

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Some people are incredible at promoting and advancing a brand, and when it comes to e-commerce on Huffington Post, the opportunities are out there, but the competition to outlast is cut-throat. Numerous companies end up shutting down. California businessman Don Ressler is an example of “survival of the fittest.” He and Adam Goldenberg, his co-CEO…

Christopher Burch, The Best at What He Does

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Christopher Burch is a successful entrepreneur in the fashion industry. He is also a philanthropist and investor. Burch has launched a number of companies over the years. The first company is Eagles Eye Apparel which he cofounded with his brother. Chris Burch then sold the company a few years later for a fortune to the…


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