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A Look At The Career Of José Borghi

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Jose Borghi is the President and Founder of the Mullen Lowe Advertisement Agency. When the company was founded, its name was Borghi Lowe. It is one of the most prominent advertisement companies based in the United States. In the Brazilian market, its influence and reputation precede its management and capability to deliver the best products…

E-Commerce Branding Genius Don Ressler Watches JustFab Fashion Soar

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Some people are incredible at promoting and advancing a brand, and when it comes to e-commerce on Huffington Post, the opportunities are out there, but the competition to outlast is cut-throat. Numerous companies end up shutting down. California businessman Don Ressler is an example of “survival of the fittest.” He and Adam Goldenberg, his co-CEO…

Christopher Burch, The Best at What He Does

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Christopher Burch is a successful entrepreneur in the fashion industry. He is also a philanthropist and investor. Burch has launched a number of companies over the years. The first company is Eagles Eye Apparel which he cofounded with his brother. Chris Burch then sold the company a few years later for a fortune to the…


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