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Why Yanni Hufnagel is one of the Top College Basketball Recruiters in the United States

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Coaching a college basketball team requires skill, dedication, and patience. For an assistant coach like Yanni Hufnagel, these attributes are the reason for his prosperous professional coaching career. Hufnagel has been instrumental in leading Harvard University’s basketball team, Crimson, through several accomplishments.   Hufnagel’s success story began when he was a student at Cornell University….

Susan McGalla Offers A Lot Of Encouragement For Women To Do What it Takes To Succeed

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Susan McGalla is among one of the growing number of leaders that are taking on the business world. However, she does stand out in many different ways. Among the ways she stands out is in the way she addresses women. For one thing, she speaks about the many different things they could do in order…

Common Orthopedic Surgeries And Orthopedic Surgeon Greg Finch

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Three of the top most common orthopedic procedures may be the replacements of hips, knees, and shoulders, but another common surgery related to the orthopedic field is spine surgery. One Australian surgeon, Greg Finch, takes a keen interest in all aspects of spinal surgery. The Top 3 Most Common Orthopedic Surgeries Hip replacement surgery uses…

White Shark Media Continues To Assist Clients

Posted by in Marketing firm   White Shark Media exists to help its clients make money. The Miami-based firm assign marketing specialist to oversee Bing and Google AdWords campaigns designed to achieve the most desirable outcome. That type of outcome is one focused on significantly increased sales conversions. Not every client will have the same experience, but various different…

John Goulet A Trusted And Committed Financial Advisor

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John Goulet is a renowned, trained and certified financial advisor based in Pennsylvania. In addition to his eleven years of experience giving counsel and helping clients in coming up with financial solutions he also has various certifications including CRPC and CFS among others. His education background has played a vital role in helping him build…

Chris Burch Inaugurates Nihiwatu, a five-star Resort on an Indonesian Island

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Chris Burch is a successful entrepreneur who has an eye for the hospitality industry. In 2012, Burch collaborated with hotelier James McBride to purchase a beach hostel on the Indonesian island of Sumba. The cost of renovating the hostel amounted to $30 million. Later in 2015, the hostel was reopened as a five-star hotel named…

Eric Pulier Role in Helping the Community

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Eric Pulier is an American businessman from the city of Los Angeles. Other than business, Eric is involved in other ventures such as entrepreneurship, writing books and giving back to the community. His notable association with philanthropy is his involvement with X-Prize foundation that tries to solve problems facing humanity. In the same issue, Eric…

Sujit Choudhry – An Icon in Comparative Law

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Different countries have their own set of laws that govern them. For different countries to engage in any form of relation, formal or otherwise, it is important for both parties to embrace and understand the differences and similarities of the governing laws separating them. The study of these laws is referred to as comparative law….

Highland Capital Management Helps Their Community Every Day

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Dallas, Texas is happy that they are home to Highland Capital Management. Highland Capital Management does more for Dallas, Texas than any other company in that area. Highland invests money into businesses and schools. This financial investment is not just done through stocks. Highland also invests in the physical structures of businesses and schools and…

Rona Borre Has Taken Chicago By Storm

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Rona Borre started her little staffing company in Chicago in 2001 and today she is a Chicago, business leader. She belongs to several Chicago business organizations and serves in leadership roles in such organizations as the Economic Club of Chicago, the Young Presidents’ Organization, and the Chicago Network. Her company, Instant Alliance of which she…

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