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Business Mogul Susan McGalla Empowers Other Women to Succeed

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Research shows that companies that are more ethnically diverse, or companies that have a more balanced gender diversity tend to outperform other businesses. The studies show that these companies historically do better because they are more open to different ideas and have multiple viewpoints. There are still very few women in the major roles in…

Chris Burch; the entrepreneurial spirit behind the best hotel in the world Nihiwatu

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If you have come across famous retail brands such as Tory Burch, then you probably have heard about Chris Burch. Chris undoubtedly has an eye for entrepreneurship; he has founded and cofounded many recognized products. On top of that, he has gone ahead to expand his horizon by becoming a hotel owner. In 2012, Burch…

NuoDB Cloud Technology Explained

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NuoDB is a database management system that works in the cloud that is characterized for distributed deployment there as well. NuoDB is used for SQL transactions. NuoDB is in the category of the NewSQL databases with traditional SQL features and additional scale-out processing for cloud environments. ACID compliance is used by NuoDB to ensure the…

Safe Drilling Practices Involving Talos Energy

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There is a new oil well off the coast of Mexico. It’s the first in 80 years, a sign that perhaps the country is back on track financially. Talos Energy partnered with Premier Oil to establish the oil well as drilling started on May 21. This is the first oil project to be completed by…

How Chris Burch has Managed to Transform Nihiwatu into the Best Hotel in the World

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Anyone that has heard of the name Chris Burch before understands the many businesses and industries that he has been part of. These include internationally recognized brands such as C. Wonder and Tory Burch. Well, the business mogul and genius has decided to venture into a new territory, the hospitality industry. He teamed up with…

Andrew Rolfe and the Ubuntu Fund – Actions and Impact

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Mr. Andrew Rolfe is a respected professional and an invaluable part of the Ubuntu Education Fund. The name of Andrew Rolfe belongs to an individual who has dedicated years of his life and career to helping people in South Africa to achieve their dreams. In many part of the world there is deficiency of basic…

Comparative Law with Sujit Choudhry

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Comparative law is the practice of studying the relationship rules of more than one system. They also study the relationship of their similarities and differences. Comparative law compares legal systems and those results are analyzed to find different legal cultures. It deals with learning the different laws in different countries. Individuals who practice comparative also…

Rona Borre is a Results Oriented Business Leader

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Rona Borre started her business, Instant Alliance, from the spare bedroom of her Chicago condominium in 2001. In six months she had 50 people working for her in the staffing business that was to set the world on fire and become one of the fastest-growing recruiting and staffing companies in the country. She had just…

Chris Burch And The Young Entrepreneurs

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Chris Burch is a serial entrepreneur who has had a lot of experience in the industries he has worked in. He has a lot of advice to offer young entrepreneurs. However, he has seen something that could be rather frustrating to some of the more established people. He has seen that a lot of young…

Beneful benefits dogs all around the world

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The Beneful product, introduced in 2001, has proven to be one of Nestle Purina’s most significant revenue producers. Marketing itself on its appearance and nutritional content, the company has continued to add to Beneful product line as the product has gained more and more success, consequently realizing considerable revenue. Beneful Healthy Harvest, introduced as the…

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