As Equities First Services Gains Traction, Julie Lapoint, The Director Of Operations Gives An Advice

Whether beginning a new business or operating with a lender in securing finance, it is essential to select partners who are reliable, proven and who can assist you to meet your objectives. Julie LaPoint – The Director of Operations at Equities First oversees the execution of each transaction the company completes. And in that capacity, he finds the pleasure at Equities First working with legal financial advisors to ensure every transaction is completed in an efficient, secure and institutional fashion. Julie LaPoint indicted that; in her experience, she has leant the value of choosing the right partners. See Equities First Resume .

At Equities First, the specialists partner with the key law companies such as Ice Miller, Morgan Lewis & Bockius and O’Melveny & Myers and other top-tier world financial institutions such as Deutsche Bank, DBS, Credit Suisse and the New York Mellon Bank in ensuring EFH borrowers feel secure during their decisions when transacting with the company.

Julie LaPoint advises that; before engaging with any potential partner, it is vital to first define the capabilities and characteristics you need to make your success goal a reality. You should also select a partner with specialized industry experience and knowledge that you may need in addition to the one that aligns with your core values and mission. Click Here for more .

It takes years of devotion to establish such relationships, and Equities First has undergoes due diligence inspections and frequent audits to make sure the business exercises and organization viability meet the precise standards put in place by the company’s financial and legal partners. Equities First applies three criteria when choosing professional partners. First the company views your experience to determine whether the partner has necessary experience in meeting the EFH needs. Second is performance to consider about the track record and whether they meet their standards as per the expectation. Expertise is the third one which is often viewed as a mixture of the first two. Partnering with the best empowers Equities First to achieve best in what the company does.,34.htm for more .

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