Month: January 2017

Wengies Hair Hacks

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Wengie is a young Chinese woman currently living in Australia creating a variety of different YouTube videos. She creates content on a variety of topics including hair, beauty and even just simple life hacks. She currently has well over five million subscribers and receives millions and millions of views on her interesting and creative videos….

The Top 4 Best Things About Fabletics According To Happy Customers

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Kate Hudson’s athletics apparel brand Fabletics has been bringing cute and comfortable workout and athleisure gear to millions of happy customers for almost four years. Fabletics subscribers eagerly await each month’s delivery of their brand new handpicked outfit to arrive in the mail. For just $49.95 a month, you too can become a Fabletics subscriber….

Goettl Air Conditioning Merge Expands Reach Into Las Vegas

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PR Newswire has reported that Arizona-based Goettl Air Conditioning has merged with a pair of neighboring air conditioning companies, Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air. The newly combined firm has added 20 new technician positions, and several new trucks, positioning it’s services as more convenience for residential customers. By tapping into the Las Vegas market,…

Lori Senecal successful career

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Lori Senecal is currently the Global CEO of an institution known as CP+B. Before acquiring this position, Lori Senecal was the global executive chairman at KBS. At her current position, Senecal is responsible for deepening MDC unique model, driving the strategic vision of the company and working closely with MDC partner enterprises in a consultative…

The Mission of Eric Pulier

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Eric Pulier is an individual who is known for his intellect as well as his savvy business mind that has been constantly sought after by both individuals and businesses from the private sector as well as from the public sector that are looking for his consultation in innovative ways to solve some of the most…

E-Commerce Branding Genius Don Ressler Watches JustFab Fashion Soar

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Some people are incredible at promoting and advancing a brand, and when it comes to e-commerce on Huffington Post, the opportunities are out there, but the competition to outlast is cut-throat. Numerous companies end up shutting down. California businessman Don Ressler is an example of “survival of the fittest.” He and Adam Goldenberg, his co-CEO…

Doug Levitt’s significant accomplishments with the Greyhound Diaries

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Doug Levitt is a songwriter, singer, and a traveler. He has accomplished several things in his life. He once became an international correspond for several news channels like NBC and ABC. He quit his work in the media channels and went on a project to cover the lives of the poor in America. He accomplished…

Sujit Choudhry – The Leading Authority on Comparative Law

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In the age of globalization, it has become increasingly important for both government and multinational companies to understand the nature of international legal system. Without learning about the similarities and differences between the legal system of two nations, it is impossible for governments and private entities to forge better relationships with stakeholders in other nations….


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