Month: October 2016

Martin Lustgarten Is A Passionate International Investment Banker

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Investment banking deals with provision of finance and advisory services to individuals, corporations and governments. Some of the services provided by these firms include advice on mergers and acquisitions. Buyers and sellers are enlightened on business valuations, pricing decisions as well as how transactions can be structured and implemented. In addition, investment banks lend money…

Danilo Diaz Granados Organizes a Memorable Event in Miami

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  All roads led to Miami this summer for one of the most affluent events that the city has ever hosted. Danilo Diaz Granados, the cofounder of Toys for Boys, treated his guests to an amazing event featuring a lot of adventure and fun. From boat rides to time at the racetracks, fine cuisines to…

Keith Mann Is Always Paying It Forward

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There is a movie named after it and a lot of people talk about it in their lives and that is paying it forward. However, not that many people actually go out and pay it forward. They love to talk about it, discuss it, and it sounds good in the media. However, someone like Keith…

Can Richard Blair Help You with Your Retirement Needs?

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A lot of people these days want to get the aid of a financial planner. They are reaching retirement age and want some help. Richard Blair can be the man they need to achieve their goals. We are going to talk a little bit about Richard Blair and the things he can do for you….

Equities First Holdings Celebrates New Achievements For Emerging A Leader

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Most people who have been frequently going for credit from banks will attest to the fact that the regulations and rights offered may differ from one institution another and with time, new regulations may come in place that could affect their access to credit. That is exactly what has happened in the market and most…

Dick DeVos and His Wife Spend Their Lives Giving Back

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Betsy DeVos is an activist. During her college years, she got involved with campus politics and has kept that passion ever since. For over 30 years she has led a multitude of campaigns, party organizations and political action committees. For 6 years she was the chairman of the Michigan Republican Party. Her reforming inclination certainly…

Michael Zomber Gaining Another Piece Of American History

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The history of humans has been recorded for quite a while now building up the knowledge we have of our past. We can find artifacts and go back to trace where they came from and who used them. Findings artifacts, such as the first carriages to the six shooters used by cowboys, are an important…

The Previous Complaint against Laidlaw and Its Questionable Background

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On January 26th, 2016, a clinical-staged company called Relmada Therapeutics announced its action in motion filing to amend a complaint towards Laidlaw & Company. A supplementary legal claim based on breach of confidential information was adjoined to the amended complaint. Additionally, Relmada is seeking monetary damages resulting from fees and costs attached to false and…

Don Ressler- Visionary and Entrepreneur

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Don Ressler is a highly successful American entrepreneur who founded several successful start-ups, like Brand Ideas, Intelligent Beauty, and, as well as later ventures that include Fabletics and JustFab. Now, as JustFab’s co-Ceo and Fabletics’ CEO, Don Ressler is indeed a new age e-commerce king. Together with his business partner, Adam Goldberg, he started…


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