Month: August 2016

Laidlaw & Company Made My Business Dreams Come True

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I was trying to start my own HVAC business on the side, but I knew that I would need money for that if I wanted to get anything actually done. The problem was that I would not be able to raise this money out of nowhere, and I needed to get someone who was going…

White Shark Media Starts in the Pool before Tackling the Ocean

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Small businesses often stimulate their local economies more than large corporations but are far under-credited for the services that they provide. Despite their efforts, small businesses usually do not have the extra funds to market their companies in a way that will gain them business exposure and growth, which forces them to remain stagnant and…

NutriMost Sues Rival Company for Copyright Infringement

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There are a lot of weight loss companies out there, but there’s only one NutriMost. Unfortunately, a rival company wanted to change that. At its core, NutriMost is a weight loss company. It says that it can help individuals lose 20 to 45 pounds of excess and unwanted weight in only 40 days or less. But recently, a company called Healthy Living copied the promotional video on the NutriMost website. Naturally, NutriMost threw a lawsuit at them, and the company was forced to take the pirated video down. We are still waiting to hear what will happen with this lawsuit, but NutriMost wants at least $300,000 for the settlement. NutriMost Is the Way to Go! I have been overweight for most of my life, so when I was reading about this controversy with NutriMost, I must say that I was intrigued. I had a few friends from back in high school who said that they were using the program, but I never heard how it had panned out for them. When I give them a call to ask, they all said that they had lost weight with this program, so of course, I decided to give it a try myself. I couldn’t be happier with the results that NutriMost provided for me. I am so happy to say that I have lost 23 pounds on this system, and none of it included exercise, drugs, surgery, hormones or prepackaged meals. NutriMost has been a cost-effective solution to my excess weight, and I’m so glad I found it! I also hope that the program stays alive because it deserves to. Sources: Losing Weight and feeling great with NutriMost Austin

Sanjay Shah: Hosting The Event of a Lifetime

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When you are an entrepreneur like Sanjay Shah, you know a thing or two about what it takes to build an event or build anything for that matter. You have always committed yourself to it and put your heart, body, and soul into every aspect of it. You have never settled and you have never…

Goettl Air Conditioning: You Can Count on Them Again

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  In case you had lost faith in Goettl Air Conditioning back in 2012, I’m here to tell you that you can trust them again and they are the good guys once again. They have done a lot of damage control to repair what was done by the previous owners and the people in charge. It all starts with Ken Goodrich and his commitment to customer service and fixing the image of the company. In only 18 months, the company went from making 11 million dollars to 20 million dollars. That is almost double the profit! That is because of Ken Goodrich and his staff of dedicated, loyal, and honest men. He brought excitement back into the company and got rid of people who weren’t buying into the vision. In order for a company to work, you need everyone on the same page and you need everyone to have passion and be all in for the job. If they don’t believe in what you are doing or they don’t see the purpose of it, it can be hard to convince them. However, the new staff and the new crew, they get it, they understand, and they are committed to it. They have a great deal of respect for Ken Goodrich and for what Goettl Air Conditioning stands for. It used to stand for a great deal and it does again. They are back in the good graces of the public eye and of their customers. They have earned their trust once again, their faith, and people are seeking them out. This might have seemed impossible 18 months ago, but when you have people that go the extra mile, work extra hours, and do a good job, it doesn’t take long to see that things have changed and they have changed for the better. Ken Goodrich will be the first one to tell you that it wasn’t an easy process and it took some time, 18 months, but it was worth it. He loves seeing a job finished to completion and happy customers. These days, he is fielding phone calls, left and right, from happy customers talking about the job his men have done. They have a personal touch, which is missing from a lot of companies. They take pride in making the customer truly happy. They don’t just talk about it. They actually do it and there is a big, big difference.

Helane Morrison’s Drive for Equality

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In decades of legal practice, Helane Morrison has developed a reputation as a committed and ethical compliance officer. She’s now the Managing Director and Chief Compliance Officer for the San Francisco firm, Hall Capital Partners. This is an all-female partnered firm that has had great success in investment since 2007. Morrison began her career as…


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